STANLEY Security releases '2021 Industry Trends Report'

Dec. 8, 2020
Report defines top security trends, challenges and opportunities that may impact organizations in 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — December 7, 2020 — STANLEY Security, a global integrator of comprehensive security solutions, today released its “2021 Industry Trends Report.” The second annual report includes survey data from over 2,400 decision-makers across the globe, as well as insights from security leaders on what trends, challenges and opportunities may impact organizations in 2021.

“As the world around us transforms, the security industry is innovating rapidly to help organizations stay ahead of evolving challenges,” said Matthew Kushner, Global President, Electronic Security at STANLEY Security. “At the same time, customer expectations are changing: There’s now heightened demand for innovative, cloud-based and highly integrated solutions that can produce real-time insights. Organizations are not only looking for a way to protect their people, networks and assets, but also a way to help increase operational efficiencies and drive growth in the new economy.”

Kushner and 10 other leaders across STANLEY Security share more about their outlook on the security industry within the 2021 Industry Trends Report. The security trends featured in the report include: 

  1. Using Security to Mitigate Health and Safety Risks
  2. A New Ecosystem of Solutions
  3. Solving the Threshold Management Equation
  4. Cybersecurity and the Emergence of a New Perimeter
  5. The Rise of Cloud Solutions and the XaaS Delivery Model
  6. The Virtualization of Security Management
  7. Leveraging Security Data to Improve Operations
  8. New Privacy and Data Governance Considerations
  9. The Transition to Touchless
  10. Increased Demand for Flexible, Scalable and Integrated Solutions

The 2021 Industry Trends Report also highlights organizations’ perceptions regarding, interest in and adoption of security technology – with global survey data that breaks down what security systems organizations are implementing and what features decision-makers look for when evaluating systems and providers. 

“With the many challenges posed by the global pandemic, it’s more important than ever for organizations to leverage security solutions,” Kushner said. “This report provides a deeper look at how solutions are evolving, what organizations are looking for and, ultimately, how the industry is helping to transform the future of the workplace.” 

To download STANLEY Security’s 2021 Industry Trends Report, click here