LenelS2 OnGuard integrates with SALTO

Dec. 13, 2023
The integration is expected to provide effective security management and a keyless wire-free locking solution.

LenelS2 has partnered with SALTO Systems to integrate OnGuard , their comprehensive and flexible security solution, with SALTO’s smart locking product portfolio for an enhanced physical access control security platform.

"We are excited about the technology partnership between LenelS2 and SALTO," said Patrick Heylen, System Integrator Partner Program Global Manager, SALTO Systems. "This partnership combines the advanced security and smart access technology of SALTO with the comprehensive and flexible capabilities of LenelS2’s flagship product, OnGuard , providing organizations with a powerful security solution that can be tailored to their specific needs.”

LenelS2 is a strategic SALTO Integrator Partner. OnGuard , one of LenelS2’s flagship products, offers a comprehensive security solution for complex security environments. With its integrated physical access control, video surveillance, and other systems, OnGuard  provides security management teams with a complete view of security and enables intelligent responses.

One of the key strengths of OnGuard  is its seamless integration with existing business and security systems. It can exchange cardholder data with HR platforms and ERP systems, coordinate alarm and event data with emergency response systems, and share event information with building management, network management, and third-party security systems.

LenelS2 OnGuard  is a flexible, reliable, and scalable security solution built using an innovative open-architecture platform, allowing for customization and integration with other systems. Its advanced features include alarm integration, CCTV analytics, event-driven recordings, and total system management.

SALTO Space access control platform and ProAccess management software are integrated with LenelS2’s OnGuard  access control system via the SALTO BlueConn connector. This integration offers an enterprise-grade security solution for projects where both SALTO and LenelS2 readers are required, empowering organizations with enhanced security capabilities.

The LenelS2 OnGuard  security platform with SALTO Space smart access seamless integration offers the following solutions:

  • Cardholder management for a smart access experience, delivering a seamless, keyless building experience to users.
  • Event Synchronization enables security management teams to gather, visualize, and share data from multiple sources.
  • Integrated physical access control, video surveillance, and other sensors. OnGuard provides a complete view of security and enables intelligent responses.
  • Operational efficiency and smart building technology help optimize facility management and reduce costs.
  • Ability to connect wire-free, smart, and stand-alone locking solutions to any door connected to the OnGuard This feature is especially valuable for doors that cannot be wired or require a retrofit, extending the reach of secure access control to previously challenging locations or access points.
  • Access Level and LenelS2 reader management from OnGuard to SALTO Space platform.

By leveraging the integration between SALTO’s smart, technologically advanced locking solution and LenelS2 OnGuard , organizations can benefit from the most advanced, flexible, and secure access control platform and security system for all industry applications, ensuring the highest facility security level.