Genetec, Axis bringing more power to the edge

March 30, 2023
Both companies see the “Axis Powered by Genetec” partnership as a pivotal development in the security industry.

As much of the security industry begins to deal with the limitations of physical transistors, Genetec hasn’t been shy about its pursuit of computing on the edge.

Last year at ISC West, Genetec marked the beginning of its new edge platform strategy when it unveiled Streamvault Edge, a line of connected appliances that enables the gradual migration of security systems to a hybrid architecture without disrupting operations.

Then last month, Genetec and Axis Communications announced launched enterprise-level access control that combines Genetec’s Synergis access-control software with Axis’ A1210 and A1610 network door controllers. Genetec says it will be introducing select Powered by Genetec offerings across a range of edge devices in the coming quarters.

Moore’ law rules

Both companies see the “Axis Powered by Genetec” partnership as a pivotal development in the security industry.

“Harnessing the power of computing at the edge will become essential in modern system architecture,” noted Christian Morin, vice president of research and development at Genetec, in February. “As we reach the limits of Moore’s Law, initiatives that Initiatives that distribute processing into containerized, hybrid edge/core structures will act to increase available computing power for complex applications.”

Axis Communications and Genetec have already been partnering for more than 20 years, frequently collaborating on video surveillance. They also share a similar vision of the future of physical security, says Scott Dunn, senior director of business development, Systems & Solutions for Axis.

“As two industry leaders, we recognized an opportunity to work together to fill a gap by creating a more flexible access control solution,” Dunn says.

Despina Stamatelos, senior commercial manager at Genetec, says the company knew Axis was introducing their new controllers with technology that would allow Genetec to run its software on  the devices, which presented an opportunity.

“We knew that in our portfolio we were lacking a solution that would help us address sites with smaller reader counts, or where the hardware footprint is smaller or we're cabling is hard to pull with a continuation of certain products in the market,” Stamatelos says.  

“That was harder for us to address and we felt with this particular unit, and bringing the logic closer to the edge, we were able to address those needs in the market. The driving factor was really a roadmap in where we're trying to go with our technology.”

Removing Friction

Genetec says integrators will benefit from the partnership with Axis Communications through the availability of easy-to-deploy hardware pre-loaded with its access control software, “removing friction associated with traditional software/hardware integrations.”

Dunn says the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) 4.0 allows developers to build software solutions that can run independently on Axis’ devices, so Synergis will run on Axis door controllers – eliminating the need for additional Cloud Link hardware.

With the new A1210 and A1610 door controllers and Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) 4, Axis and Genetec built a more integrated solution that “eases hardware and software integration by creating greater intimacy between the two, allowing customers to benefit from continuous delivery of innovation and improvements,” Dunn says, adding that the APBG package reduces installation time and hardware footprint for more cost-efficient deployments and boosts cybersecurity defenses in both hardware and software.

Speeding updates

“This goes a bit above your regular integrations that we do with our hardware manufacturer,” Stamatelos says. “Anytime we do upgrades to our software we have to work with that manufacturer to make sure that we're aligned. If they're doing any updates, it takes some time before our technology to become available on that particular piece of hardware because now our technology runs directly on that piece of hardware.

“With this new program, whenever we have anything new in terms of new features, improvements or cybersecurity updates, the customer will be able to download the new software version onto their units right away. So it takes away weeks of time making an innovation available to the customer.”

Genetec says channel partners will have access to part numbers and ready-to-ship inventory in April.

Axis Powered by Genetec controllers are only available from Genetec for their authorized integrators. Standard controllers are available through distributors for the Axis Camera Station Secure Entry module. Later in the year Axis says it will have a fully open API.

Stamatelos said Genetec is looking at other possibilities for similar integrations but nothing is imminent.

“There are certain requirements we have to make sure that we are partnering up with the right people and that we’re addressing a specific market need,” she says. “Ultimately, all we want is to ensure we’re addressing our customers’ needs, and that we’re working closely with our partners to make sure they're successful as well.”

“Currently, there are no other products under consideration for this program outside of access control,” Dunn says. “We will continue to work with Genetec to ensure our joint solutions meet the customer needs and we’re always open to finding the right path forward with all of our Axis partners.”