Product innovations at ISC West 2023 heavy on AI developments

March 31, 2023
Here are highlights from SIW contributor and security expert Steve Surfaro as he roamed the show floor at ISC West 2023 this week.

Products that utilize game-changing artificial intelligence capabilities were some of the biggest announcements at ISC West 2023.

Here are some highlights from the show floor from our contributor and security expert Steve Surfaro. 

Hailo Vision Processor

Perhaps the most significant AI product launch by a chipmaker and ecosystem was Hailo, with its all-new Hailo-15 vision processor, designed for integration directly into intelligent cameras to deliver unprecedented video processing and analytics at the network edge. 

With significant implications for smart cities, homes and transportation hubs, the new Hailo 15 product family brings the performance usually in outboard AI Processor appliances into edge devices like IP cameras, but with the lowest power consumption possible -- a real demonstration of energy transition in action.

With this launch, smart city operators can now more quickly detect and respond to incidents; retailers can protect and maintain stock levels; and transportation authorities can recognize everything from lost children, to accidents, to misplaced luggage.

The Hailo-15 chip is capable of up to 20 tera operations per second (TOPS) about five times the AI power of leading competitors. With already skilled ecosystem partners excelling at advanced algorithms often used in ITS, that have been deploying systems that use the high-performance Hailo-8 chipset in AI processing, there will be a significant speed of processing multiple algorithms at the edge.

Gorilla Technology Dashboards 

Gorilla Technology’s at-a-glance statistical dashboards in its Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder (IVAR) allows users make proactive choices based on data, like line people counting, age/group people demographics and vehicle dashboards.

When AI processing like Gorilla is integrated with existing video management solutions like Milestone and other platforms (e.g. IoT, access control, building automation system – BAS, Kiosk), the ability to process traffic congestion and crowds of people individually is possible. 

This is the recurring problem solved with solution integrations with Hailo-8 and Hailo-15, where cities, agencies and users previously could process only a “trickle” of people, vehicles or objects. Now the limitation is raised to recognition within incredible levels of congestion and complexity.

AllGoVision Reduces Wait Times

A veteran Milestone MIPS partner and ISC West exhibitor, AllGoVision demonstrated Queue Management Systems, combining IoT security cameras and AI video analytics for improvement of passenger experience by reducing waiting time at passenger touchpoints. 

Ensuring COVID-19 pandemic protocols at the airport, GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL) staff monitors various key parameters, such as peak passenger waiting time, and takes corrective actions as needed. This is essential for the safety of both passengers and airport staff.

Art of Logic Software

With its Samurai software, Australian solution provider Art of Logic demonstrated the unique ability to run multiple AI algorithms across different camera streams on a single platform, leveraging Hailo AI processing. 

Innovatrics Recognition

Innovatrics facial recognition access control is used across a wide range of use cases: Safeguarding ‘One Person, One Vote’ principle for 7 million Guinea citizens; 180 million-record, quick-response ABIS for police field operations; Digital Onboarding toolkit used by a retail bank for onboarding new customers remotely in two minutes.

Solutions from CVEDIA 

CVEDIA-RT comes with various AI models for face detection, vehicle and people detection, crowd estimation, a wide range of video inputs and processing, including undistorting fish-eye images, blurring and modular, ready-to-see solutions like crowd estimation, perimeter security, aerial surveillance, smart parking and smart home. 

Idein: Small but Powerful 

Idein had possibly the most significant product introduction, being the smallest camera with the most powerful processor -- the Hailo-8.

Aisin participated in a press conference held by AI venture company Idein on Feb. 7 and announced that it would be in charge of manufacturing the hardware for the edge AI camera “AI Cast” jointly developed by the two companies. The AI Cast camera is equipped with the edge AI processing chip Hailo-8 achieving 26 TOPS, low power consumption and more than 100 times the performance of conventional IP camera products.

News at Shooter Detection Systems

Gunshot, weapons detection system solution providers like Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) have previously been providing interior detection systems. 

At ISC West they had, in this category, the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution -- one that even directly communicates with Public Safety Answering Point agencies (PSAP) through a monitoring provider.

Joe Byron, region manager for SDS, described the new product expansion and partnerships. 

He notes that SDS Powered by is an end-to-end solution, as the 911 gunshot notification solution leverages existing partnerships to expedite alerts to law enforcement officials and provide ongoing support throughout the duration of the event.

“We’re allowing the technology to do the talking in terms of the sensors and sending data to this emergency response service,” Byron says. “And with that, they’re in contact with 911 operator. So the information will allow for the exact location of not just the address, not just building the floor, but the room where the sensor is located.

“As a result, it’s a breadcrumb trail in terms of shots being fired and the path of the active shooter. Every time a shot is fired, you've got these data stream packets going to the emergency response service and 911 allowing for the location intelligence, the situation awareness. It’s actually a protocol representation of the location, so they’re receiving graphical information where the shots being fired. We’re getting real time information at the PSAP.”

Byron adds that a perimeter solution is coming soon that will cover entrances, exits, courtyards, walkways and common areas outside the building. “It will be the same sensor technology but IP rated,” he says. “It will have POE power and will seamlessly work with our indoor solutions. It’s the same technology, but it’s geared towards total campus protection.”

Perhaps the most significant is that SDS is moving to a recurring revenue model. There will be a lower cost for the hardware, with the software going to RMR. “With that, we can diminish the capex on the all the money up front,” Byron says.