ISC West 2024 Education Session Highlights

March 19, 2024
Take a closer look at some of the topics and learning opportunities that should appeal to integrators and consultants.

Be sure to arrive a day before the show floor opens in Las Vegas, as that Tuesday is chock full of educational sessions targeted specifically at integrators and consultants.

Check out this cultivated list of SIA Education@ISC West sessions. Times, dates, and locations are subject to change, so consult as you plan your attendance.


AI’s Transformative Potential (9 a.m., Venetian 308)

Josh Woodhouse of Novaira Insights will explore how AI and other technological shifts are driving the video surveillance market beyond security. 

Marketing Outreach for Integrators (10 a.m., Casanova 505)

This session presented by PSA will equip security integrators with the knowledge and strategies needed to master marketing.

Thawing the “Frozen Middle” (10 a.m., Venetian 102)

The “frozen middle” is when middle management gets stuck and resistant to change because they are caught between top executives’ decisions and the day-to-day work of front-line employees. In this session, Gannon Switzer of Vector Firm will explore ways to unfreeze the middle – letting middle managers drive change, and encouraging teamwork.

Cyber-Hygiene for Physical Security (11:15 a.m., Casanova 603)

Join a panel of expert practitioners, manufacturers, and integrators to discuss best practices for cyber hygiene for physical security system implementations, and how the SIA Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification will help assess and validate core competencies to perform cybersecurity-related projects.

AI Presence Detection for Priority Response (11:15 a.m., Venetian 303)

Learn how AI-enhanced presence detection technologies can reduce false alarms in the monitoring industry. Panelists include Peter Giacalone, Morgan Hertel of Rapid Response, Keith Puckett of Ubiety Technologies, and Tony Nicolaidis of Origin AI.

How to Create a More Resilient Culture (1 p.m., Venetian 102)

This panel, anchored by integrators Shaun Castillo and Brent VanHaren, will teach you how investing in relationships will produce superior business results.

Effective Project Planning within a Team (1 p.m., Casanova 505)

An expert panel of integrators, including Anson McEachern of ECD Systems, Deanna VanHout of Paladin Technologies, and Tyrone Chambliss of Northland Controls, will explore strategies to maximize a team’s ability to project plan in the absence of a dedicated project manager.

Navigating Security Integration Challenges (2:15 p.m., Casanova 505)

This PSA-run session will address issues faced by integrators, with strategies such as aligning technology with business goals, optimizing workforce and project management, and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Panelists include PSA CEO Matt Barnette, Security Business expert integrator panelist Christine Lanning, as well as integrators Mike Bradley and Jim Lonie.

TMA-AVS-01 - Alarm Validation Scoring (2:15 p.m., Venetian 303)

Monitoring and emergency response took a giant leap forward with the ANSI-accredited Alarm Validation Standard (AVS-01). Hear from the TMA committee, including Joey Rao-Russell of Sonitrol, Frank Fernandez of PPVAR, Thomas Nakatani of ADT, and Bob Finney of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Raising Capital for Security Companies (2:15 p.m., Venetian 102)

Financial market experts will outline the availability and best types of capital for different integration companies and situations. Panelists include: David Stang of Stang Capital Advisory, John Cannon of Spring Rock Capital, and Mark Melendes of CIBC Bank.

Adapting to the Workforce Generational Shift (3:30 p.m., Casanova 505)

Get insights into the characteristics, values, and expectations of different generations, and how to foster collaboration, communication, and create a harmonious work environment. Panelists include Tia M. Eskandari of Allied Universal Technology Services, Lori Hudnall of Sage Integration, and Candice Aragon of PSA.

GSA Schedule Contracting Tips (3:30 p.m., Venetian 102)

Lynn de Seve, founder of GSA Schedules Inc., will offer up-to-date guidance and facts for companies who want to sell their products or services to federal agencies. Learn the basic requirements for submitting and maintaining a GSA Schedules Contract.

The Wireless Wars (3:30 p.m., Venetian 308)

Avi Rosenthal, chair of the Z-Wave Alliance, and Kevin Kraus of Fortune Brands outline why integrators should care about Smart Home open protocols such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Matter as well as the proprietary such as PowerG, 1100 series, etc.


Generative AI’s Impact on Risk Management (8 a.m., Casanova 605)

Experts from OnSolve will explore the potential role of generative AI in private sector risk intelligence, security and business continuity.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Explained (8 a.m., Casanova 505)

UWB wireless technology is changing user experiences in access control. Sanjit Bardhan of HID Global will outline UWB’s evolution, its key differentiators, and future potential of the technology.

3D and Digital Twins in Security Design (1 p.m., Casanova 603)

Learn how 3D visualization and digital twins can aid in the security design process, as security consultant Ben Butchko and Kelly Watt of DFW Airport examine the concepts in practice via case studies on a corporate client and DFW Airport itself.

Credential Interoperability (2:15 p.m., Casanova 505)

Jim Cooper, CTO of Integrated Security & Communications, will discuss types of smart cards, reader communication methods, how physical access control data is stored, and how to make them interoperable among different reader manufacturers.

Security Tech Enabling Smarter Buildings (2:15 p.m., Venetian 303)

Learn how to see data created by security technology solutions through a non-security lens, making a building more secure, energy-efficient, and healthier, while also creating a compelling ROI case.

Security in the Architectural Process (2:15 p.m., Casanova 603)

Learn strategies on integrating security infrastructure into the early stages of the architectural process. Panelist include Pierre Bourgeix of ESI Convergent, Benjamin Crum of Architectural Security Design Group, and Donna Chapman of HID Global.

Security Systems Failure and Risk Reduction (3:30 p.m., Venetian 308)

The complex mix of different manufacturers’ parts and software can create a variety of risk factors that must be addressed for maximum function and life expectancy. Security Business Tech Trends columnist Jon Polly of ProTecht Solutions joins Jason Wright and Jarrett Mui of Studitu and Jarod Stockdale of Faith Group to dig deeper.

Alternative Workforce Solutions (3:30 p.m., Career Zone on the Show Floor)

Presented by the Foundation for Advancing Security Talent (FAST), this panel will delve into contract workers, temporary employees, freelancers, and other non-traditional employment models.


Retail Loss Prevention and Asset Protection (10 a.m., Casanova 603)

John Goldyn of i3 International will join a panel of retail end-users to navigate the landscape of retail loss prevention, including AI and machine learning tech.

AI Killed the Analytics Star (10 a.m., Venetian 303)

A panel including Matt Powell of Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), former PSA CEO Bill Bozeman, and Sameer Sharma of Intel, will explore a diverse range of views on AI and video analytics while also providing a roadmap for using AI in the future.

Sales Prospecting Strategies (10 a.m., Casanova 605)

Chris Peterson and Gannon Switzer of Vector Firm join Diana Hanna-Bradley of PSA and Pauline Powell of LONG Building Technologies to impart the knowledge and skills to effectively identify, engage, and convert potential customers into qualified leads.

The 2024 Security Megatrends (10 a.m., Venetian 203)

Take a deep dive into the Security Industry Association’s 2024 Megatrends with SIA’s Geoff Kohl moderating a panel that includes Wesco’s Tara Dunning, Convergint’s Eric Yunag, Brivo’s Steve Van Till, and Intel’s Kasia L. Hanson. Attendees will receive a hard copy of the report.

How AI, Deepfakes, Voice  Cloning and ChatGPT Are Transforming Cybercrime (1 p.m., The Bridge Stage on the Show Floor)

Theresa Payton, who made history as the first female to serve as White House Chief Information Officer, will identify emerging trends and techniques to help combat cyber threats, from the impact of the Internet of Things, to securing Big Data, to the rise of deepfakes and generative AI.

The Art of the Connection: LinkedIn Sales Prospecting (1 p.m., Casanova 605)

Join WeSuite’s Tracy Larson, along with marketing expert Janet Fenner and EPIC iO’s Katie Krug to learn how to use LinkedIn to make powerful, meaningful, and results-driven connections that get appointments and drive new sales.