Quanergy and Viakoo partner to deliver 3D LiDAR, service assurance, cyber hygiene

April 10, 2024
This unique partnership provides a solution that combines the power of Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR with Viakoo’s service assurance and cyber hygiene solutions.

Quanergy Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of 3D LiDAR security solutions, and Viakoo, the award-winning provider of service assurance and network edge device management solutions for physical security systems, have announced a new partnership here at ISC West 2024.

This unique partnership provides a seamlessly integrated solution that combines the power of Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR detection, tracking, and classification technology with Viakoo’s industry proven service assurance and cyber hygiene solutions for physical security and IoT systems

Quanergy 3D LiDAR solutions redefine physical security with a seamlessly integrated solution that combines the company’s comprehensive offering of 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software. Quanergy’s offering allows customers to leverage their existing investments in video surveillance systems with the power of 3D LiDAR to achieve unprecedented levels of object/event detection, classification and tracking for all mission-critical outdoor and indoor security applications.

The Viakoo Action Platform is a proven enterprise physical security service assurance, lifecycle management, and cyber hygiene platform that remotely manages physical security and IoT systems. The automated platform remotely monitors end-to-end status and performance of every security device and application running on a users’ networks. The solution automatically tracks device lifecycle data including end-of-service, as well as potential problems like outdated firmware, expired certificates, and non-compliant passwords. A seamlessly scalable solution, the Viakoo Action Platform is proven across over 2 Billion hours of operation to reduce truck rolls by as much as 50%, dramatically reducing service costs for both end-users and systems integrators. The platform also generates highly detailed audit trails and reports in real time to help customers continuously maintain compliance.


“The unique integration of Quanergy and Viakoo technologies provides a wide range of security professionals with a better, more secure way of detecting, tracking, and classifying moving individuals and objects within sensitive or secure environments with the highest degrees of confidence that their systems are operating as designed and are secure from cyber-attacks, said Gerald Becker, Vice President, of Market Development and Alliances, Quanergy.  


“The integration of Quanergy 3D LiDAR solutions and the Viakoo Action Platform provides automated visibility into every device on the network, ensuring users that all their physical security IoT devices and sensors are operating as intended while protecting their cyber-physical infrastructure,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO and founder of Viakoo. “ The combined value propositions of Quanergy and Viakoo set new benchmarks in the overall performance and efficiency for mainstream physical-cyber security applications.”

For more information, please visit www.quanergy.com