Platform, Programs, Product, People: Centrios' approach to SMB success

April 15, 2024
General Manager Bryan Lieberman emphasizes platform, programs, product and people as the key differentiators of its offering.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, April 10, 2024 — Reaffirming the disruptive, entrepreneurial approach that ASSA ABLOY’s Centrios brand is applying to the North American small business market, General Manager Bryan Lieberman is emphasizing platform, programs, product and people as the key differentiators of its offering over traditional access control devices.

“Small businesses are — by definition and default — among the most agile and nimble businesses. Entrepreneurs appreciate innovation and have come to rely upon platforms for a wide array of applications, including accounting & finance, payments, logistics, communications, business development, marketing and much more,” Lieberman explains. “It’s fitting that our approach starts with a radically simplified platform – it’s easy to deploy and use, it’s secure and reliable and it’s scalable and feature-packed.”

Lieberman explains that the Centrios platform was designed and engineered with a start-up mindset but with the depth and scale of ASSA ABLOY behind the development team.

“We needed separation to achieve entrepreneurial clarity and drive,” Lieberman says. “We have achieved that within our culture here at Centrios, and that’s evidenced by the simplicity, ease of use and reliability across the app and the hardware, but it’s also apparent within the organization, in our marketing materials and our training.”

The hardware, Lieberman says, was also designed from the ground up to be high-performing, aesthetically and ergonomically evolved, and aligned to small-business practices, expectations and realities. The dual impact of a cylindrical lock, smart reader and app will enable business operators to monitor and manage access, scale effectively and support modern business desires to eliminate physical keys from the workplace.

“Product is an important touchpoint,” he says. “And there is an important hierarchy that starts with performance and reliability, ladders up to connectivity and control, and then scalability and interoperability. We considered all of this with the development of Centrios hardware and I think the cylindrical lock and smart reader align exceptionally well with the platform.”

Centrios offers distributors, integrators, locksmiths, and security professionals  the opportunity to grow their business with Centrios through a thoughtful partnership program. This program offers on-demand customized training, co-marketing material, prioritized support, and sales leads for partners who have completed their training however participation in the partner program is not required to purchase or install Centrios hardware. End users can find participating partners through Centrios’ “where to buy” page.

“Security professionals, like the small businesses they sell to, are looking for holistic providers. They want it all in the same place, and we’re out there giving them and their customers the most comprehensive, holistic small business solutions in the market,” Lieberman states.

Rounding out his “4Ps”, Lieberman is proud of the people he has assembled and credits the team with the tremendous care and thought that has gone into developing a holistic business and platform with a focused mission. 

“I want security professionals, integrators, distributors and end-users to know there is a dedicated team of professionals thinking about them and their businesses every day.”