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The 2024 Security Innovator Awards

March 13, 2024
The industry’s only 100% peer-nominated program to recognize the innovative contributions made by individuals in the security industry.
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Today's Healthcare Security Challenges

The safety and welfare of staff and healthcare workers drive more comprehensive security strategies
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Black Swan events lime the ongoing pandemic, supply chain disruptions, economic concerns and war in Ukraine have created a series of complex global upheavals.
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Global Crisis Management Must be a Study in Organizational Resilience

Achieving competency in global crisis management requires firm commitment by senior management
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Healthcare Security Officers are key members of a healthcare’s patient care support team and frequently find themselves in the role of initial responders to traumatic and sometimes dangerous events.
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Today’s Healthcare Security Officers are Real-World Action Heroes

March 8, 2023
Nurturing a safety- and security-oriented culture is critical to the overall healthcare organization
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Workplace violence prevention measures should not be deployed in a “set it and forget it “manner.
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A Fresh Look at Workplace Violence Prevention

March 8, 2023
Mature organizations are taking a disciplined and intentional approach to identify and mitigate risks

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The biometrics industry needs much work to be seen as a mainstream market application.

Biometrics: Still Crazy After All These Years

March 8, 2023
Passions run high when users and technology experts discuss the realities of today’s biometric solutions
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The perpetrators behind hate crimes and even terrorist attacks against Jews come from across the political, religious, racial, and socio-economic spectrum.
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Challenges in Protecting Jewish Sites from Hate Crimes

March 8, 2023
As violent attacks against Jewish sites increase a number of security response solutions are evolving in cities around the U.S.
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Access Control


March 8, 2023
The new president is a veteran of the access control industry and ready to meet the challenge
Miguel Lazatin is the Senior Director of Marketing at Hanwha Vision America.

Industry Influencer: Hanwha Vision Adapts to a Changing Industry (Sponsored by Hanwha)

March 8, 2023
Security and surveillance are being tasked to do more than just monitor and protect
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Many healthcare providers need to reassess their infrastructure foundations before additional security approaches can be considered.
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Evolving Security for Protecting Today’s Healthcare Network Architecture

March 8, 2023
While most sectors aim for profits and growth rates, the healthcare industry’s success is defined by how well it serves the public and sustains the public’s well-being and safety...
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There is Nothing Permanent Except Change

March 8, 2023
Frances Hesselbein, an American businesswoman and who wrote numerous books about leadership and organizational culture over three decades beginning in the mid-1980s, offered this...
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Both a Servant and a Leader

March 8, 2023
I am not completely sure why, but even as a retiree I find myself perusing the resume and job hunting sites - partly to keep up on the career changes of old friends and colleagues...
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Set Leadership Goals and Priorities

March 8, 2023
Now that we are back to work, we face new and old challenges for the new year. Whether you have made resolutions, personal or professional, many of us look at a new year as a ...
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All kinds of risks are inherent in any organization, but the principles of risk treatment apply to all.
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How to Define Residual Risk

Residual risk is the risk that remains after all the planned risk treatments have been implemented. Residual risk is the risk that remains after all the planned risk treatments...