Magos Systems expands into North American market

Sept. 17, 2018
Yaron Zussman to serve as general manager for company’s North American operations

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2018 - As part of the company's continuing growth and worldwide expansion, Magos Systems, a state-of-the-art radar technology and perimeter protection solutions provider, today announced that it is expanding into the North American market with veteran security executive, Yaron Zussman as general manager. Founded in 2007 in Israel, Magos first specialized in advanced radar solutions for the military and defense markets. In 2015, Magos’ technology was declassified, allowing the company to focus on developing best-in-class systems for the commercial security market. Today, Magos radars are used in over 30 countries in critical infrastructure, data centers, electric utility sub stations, and oil refineries as well as in other commercial verticals like vineyards and car lots. Now, Magos is positioned to see increased adoption of its solutions in the U.S.

Magos has also welcomed both Moshe Levi and Javier Arias as program managers to the North American operation. Moshe Levi brings over 18 years of experience in the IT and security industries to the team. Levi holds a degree in computer science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv. Prior to joining Magos, Levi worked with companies such as FST Biometrics and spent two years with ML-TEC Consulting as a technology and business development consultant and product manager. Levi also worked with OnSSI as a product manager and held the position of director of partner alliance with Brief Cam.

Javier Arias has spent over 20 years in the security industry and holds a degree in computer engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He also previously worked with FST Biometrics. Arias gained experience as a project manager for G4S Technology, as a security consultant with Critigen, and worked with CH2M Hill and Security Management Systems for almost a decade.

“We are excited to expand our customer base and technology partners in North America, and we look forward to the new opportunities this strategic move will lead to,” said Yaron Zussman, general manager of Magos America.

The Magos product offering includes a variety of ground-based radar solutions with varying coverage range for a broad base of applications, along with an automated radar management software. Magos radar technology allows for 24/7 all-condition detection of a protected site in a cost-effective manner. The technology boasts an ultra-high range accuracy, enabling excellent performance and false alarm reduction even in the most cluttered environments. The SR-1000 is Magos’ radar for larger-size applications with a detection range of 1000 meters for vehicles and over 800 meters for humans, allowing for the earliest possible detection and over 200 acres of coverage. The SR-500 features a detection range of up to 700 meters for vehicles and 400 meters for humans.

The SR-250 is Magos’ newest solution in its perimeter protection lineup. Utilizing the same Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) and digital beam forming technologies found in the SR-1000 and SR-500, it can cover an area of more than 15 acres, detecting targets at up to 250 meters. With azimuth coverage of 120-degrees and elevation coverage of 30-degrees, the radar provides superior coverage in all weather and lighting conditions, providing a cost-efficient solution that delivers military grade performance. The SR-250 consumes less than three watts of power and boasts a small size, making it another ideal, easy-to-install solution for both static and mobile deployments.

Magos also offers customers its Magos Area Surveillance System (MASS), a fully automated software for handling, monitoring and logging security events based upon inputs from an unlimited number of sensors, including radars and video surveillance cameras. MASS is able to seamlessly integrate with existing video management software (VMS) to create a more wholistic approach to perimeter protection.  Once a target enters a pre-defined area of interest, MASS triggers an event in the customer's VMS and cues all the relevant pan-tilt-zoom cameras to continuously follow all detected threats, capable of following over 100 targets simultaneously. This enables Magos to deliver a fully integrated perimeter protection solution that covers the same area with fewer sensors while yielding wider coverage in all weather conditions.