Shooter Detection Systems announces technical integration with Everbridge

Aug. 9, 2017
Companies join forces to mitigate risk in active shooter incidents by integrating gunshot detection technology with critical event management

Rowley, Massachusetts – August 9, 2017 – Shooter Detection Systems today announced the technology integration between the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System and Everbridge’s leading Critical Event Management (CEM) platform to globally communicate critical incident details in an active shooter attack.

The Guardian System incorporates the world’s finest acoustic gunshot identification software and combines it with infrared gunfire flash detection to produce the highest performing, fully automatic, and most accurate gunshot detection technology available. Guardian simultaneously detects gunfire and immediately relays this information via a floor plan map with shot location and sends shot location information via text and email to key personnel and building occupants, with no human involvement required and zero false alerts. Security systems integration, such as automating video surveillance and access control points, harnesses the power of gunshot detection and raises it to the enterprise level.

By integrating the Guardian System with the Everbridge CEM platform, customers can better respond to active shooter situations by pairing the most accurate gunshot detection technology with the best capability for not only locating who is impacted, but also rapidly notifying all relevant stakeholders with incident details and instructions and managing the overall response to the threat.

“The partnership with an industry leader in Critical Event Management like Everbridge complements our mission to align the Guardian System with innovative technology companies passionate about mitigating the active shooter threat,” said Christian Connors, Chief Executive Officer for Shooter Detection Systems. “Our offerings appeal to the same customer base of large corporate enterprises and municipal governments who are proactively addressing the active shooter threat to their organizations.”

In today’s increasingly unpredictable and dangerous world, corporations and communities rely on Everbridge for location-aware incident detection, coordination and response during events such as an active shooter. The Everbridge CEM platform integrates situational intelligence and threat assessment, the ability to locate impacted people and assets as well as responders, with incident response and after-action analysis capabilities into one cohesive suite of technology.

“It’s important to Rackspace that we show our employees and customers that we take security seriously,” said Mark Terry, Director of Enterprise Physical Security at Rackspace and a mutual SDS and Everbridge customer. “Mass notification was already a critical part of our active shooter emergency response plan. Adding gunshot detection sensors to automate critical messaging the second a shot is fired is an ideal integrated solution. More importantly, we vetted the technology and know we can trust the integration when seconds count.”

By leveraging the Everbridge platform capabilities, Shooter Detection System’s gunshot detection alerts are sent with customized information based on the event. For example, a corporation can choose to send immediate location-aware Active Shooter emergency alerts to occupants of the building with shelter in place or evacuation instructions depending on the proximity of the individuals to the threat. With the Everbridge integration, a corporate enterprise may also choose to send automated alerts to executives, crisis management and security teams with additional instructions and procedures to keep all stakeholders informed as the event unfolds.

“Organizations continue to face a challenging environment when it comes to improving response times and gaining accountability of their people during active shooter incidents,” said Imad Mouline, CTO, Everbridge. “This new integration with Shooter Detection Systems represents an important step in improving communication by ensuring that the right people are notified, regardless of their location, as soon as a gunshot is detected.”

“Offering our mutual customers this integration completes the package they are looking for to address the Active Shooter problem at an enterprise level in a number of ways,” Connors continued. “We merge automated detection of gunshots and incident communications to those directly at risk with the added benefit of communicating a different message directly to the C-Suite. This addresses the larger problem of brand reputation and business continuity in a time of crisis which is extremely powerful.”