Dedrone launching portable counterdrone security for warfighters

June 7, 2023
By leveraging, DedroneTactical delivers the fastest and most accurate CsUAS solution in any environment.

STERLING, Va., -- Dedrone, the market leader in smart airspace security, today announced the launch of DedroneTactical, its agile CsUAS (counter small uncrewed aerial system) response kit, offering modular sensor-fusion and mitigation flexibility in the field, including Radio Frequency (RF) detect and defeat as well as camera and radar.

All configurations leverage, the company’s AI-driven autonomous command and control (C2) platform that provides end-to-end CsUAS kill chain capabilities for dynamic situations in a portable solution. By leveraging, DedroneTactical delivers the fastest and most accurate CsUAS solution in any environment. 

To date, Dedrone has sold more than 100 DedroneTactical kits to US and global governments, a key factor in the company’s >300% YOY annual growth rate. 

“The first half of 2023 has continued Dedrone’s incredible momentum from 2022, culminating in the new capabilities and equipment of our DedroneTactical solution, which were inspired by the demand of our federal customer base,” said Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone. “Through this multi-sensor detect and defeat solution, DedroneTactical delivers our advanced AI-driven sensor-fusion technology in an expeditionary format, enabling operators to make decisions quickly and more accurately. We look forward to continuing to innovate with, and in service of, all our federal customers and warfighters working to secure airspaces and protect people, property and information from the threat of drones.”   

The flexible, plug-and-play DedroneTactical solution consists of two masted kits, one ruggedized laptop and associated peripherals. Each kit is designed for toolless setup and tear-down in 15 minutes. All DedroneTactical configurations leverage the C2 solution to deliver a complete airspace security solution that can be used for any sUAS-based threat profile and location.’s true AI-driven sensor-fusion capabilities utilize autonomous interrogation of potential threats to virtually eliminate false positives and elevate high threat score targets to the operator, in a true “man-on-the-loop" format, for effective, rapid and accurate responses.  

“DedroneTactical was created in close collaboration with our most strategic federal customers to fill the current capability gap for a complete CsUAS kill-chain and support the requirements of the expeditionary warfighter in today’s Agile Combat Employment (ACE) mission,” said Rob Campbell, Head of US Federal Business, Dedrone. “Dedrone continues to perform at the highest levels of efficacy at both Department of Defense and civilian test events. In fact, at our most recent review,'s AI-driven image recognition and autonomous detection engine performed at an estimated 95% accuracy level." 

DedroneTactical’s Base Kit supports several ruggedized RF sensors and BlueHalo Titan for EW defeat of RF-based sUAS across all protocols. All sensors are mounted on a single tactical mast and can be expanded to include additional remote DedroneSensors via wireless network links. The Extended Kit adds a second mast with radar and camera to enable both non-RF drone detection for autonomously navigated drones and as well as visual confirmation. 

Dedrone works with more than 50 federal government agencies around the world, including four of the G7 nation governments and 30 separate entities within the US federal government. The company will showcase DedroneTactical during the 2023 Airspace Awareness & Protection Conference, June 7-8, 2023. 

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