Aeolus Robotics unveils aeo dual-arm robot

Jan. 11, 2023
The robot provides new applications for a variety of service tasks including delivery, security, elderly care, kiosk operation and ultra-violet germicidal disinfection.

At CES 2023, Aeolus Robotics introduced aeo, a dual-arm humanoid robot that provides new applications for a variety of service tasks including delivery, security, eldercare, kiosk operation, and ultra-violet germicidal disinfection. The company’s hands-on approach to service, operated by aeo, combines unique mobility with advanced functionality to perform tasks such as opening doors, picking up objects and riding elevators. 

aeo is available as a robot as a service and features plug-and-play attachments and integration with third-party developers such as Asratec of Japan and Malibu AI in Taiwan.

The dual arms have 7 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) allowing aeo to perform tasks, such as delivery or disinfection with one arm, while the other arm is free for mobility tasks such as operating elevators and opening doors. aeo features the third-generation arms by Aeolus with an 8-pound single-arm lift capacity. aeo’s vision algorithms provide a wide range of capabilities from determining the posture and position of residents for eldercare safety to detecting open windows or misplaced backpacks for aeo’s security services. 

“Our goal is to create robots that will enhance quality of life and advance the positive impact robots already have on society. Our first single-arm robot in 2018 pushed the state-of-the-art for what a robot assistant could achieve, but we wanted to do more,” said Alexander Huang, Global CEO of Aeolus Robotics. “Our experience deploying robots in environments as diverse as senior care, hospitals, public transportation offices and hotels, led us to develop our dual-arm humanoid robot aeo -- what we consider a truly capable, multifunctional service robot for real-world facilities.” 

The aeo robot is deployed in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taipei. In Japan, aeo is serving some of the largest eldercare providers, such as Medical Care Service, Cocofump, and HIMEDIC, along with some of the largest Japanese real-estate and property management companies, including Tokyu Group and Globeship Corporation. aeo currently offers a broad range of services such as night shift patrol for resident safety, delivering medical supplies across hospitals, disinfecting facilities, patrolling throughout offices and schools for intruders and misplaced items, and more.

“Our company operates a timeshare membership hotel, which includes a senior care department that operates as a combination of hospitality, medical care and nursing care,” said Kayo Kojima, General Manager of Senior Life Central Japan, HIMEDIC, Inc. “The robot is already one of our colleagues and a key member of our team. The robot takes on completing simple tasks that frees up our staff to have more time to interact with patients and staff. As a result, the resident and patient care interaction and hospitality services we provide will improve.”