Liberty Defense Provides update on Sleiman Enterprises MOU to test HEXWAVE

April 23, 2019
Sleiman Enterprises will be testing HEXWAVE, an AI-enabled 3D imaging security techology

Jacksonville, FL and Vancouver, B.C.Liberty Defense Holdings, Ltd. (TSXV: SCAN), (“Liberty”), a leader in security and weapons detection solutions, is providing an update and details of its memorandum of understanding (MOU) to beta test HEXWAVE with Toney Sleiman of Sleiman Enterprises (“Sleiman”).

Toney Sleiman is President of Sleiman Enterprises, one of Florida’s largest privately held real estate companies. Owned and operated in Jacksonville, Florida, the company develops and manages more than 150 shopping centers throughout Southeast Georgia with a footprint of over 5 million square feet of retail space.

“We are committed to our customer’s safety and are always looking for ways to improve their experiences while visiting our properties. This includes exploring how using cutting edge technologies can help detect weapons before they become a potential threat.  Upon meeting the team at Liberty and reviewing the technology, we were excited to be part of the process of bringing this new technology to market and appreciate the opportunity to partner with Liberty Defense.” Toney Sleiman, President of Sleiman Enterprises.   

“Malls welcome hundreds – if not thousands – of visitors daily, including children and families. These are public spaces that face a security challenge with high volumes of foot traffic and multiple entry points,” said Bill Riker, Liberty’s CEO. “By providing a security solution that is modular, scalable, and capable of providing layered protection to identify threats before they evolve into an attack, we believe that we can make these spaces safer for patrons and merchants alike.”

As a part of the product development process for HEXWAVE, Liberty plans to incrementally test the system in actual facilities to ensure that it is aligned to market requirements. These beta tests with organizations such as Sleiman will be a key step in this process and provide real user feedback in a customer environment. Beta testing is expected to begin later in 2019.

“Collaboration with venues such as Sleiman Enterprises will be a key element to Liberty Defense’s success as it will enable us to ensure that what we are building will satisfy the needs of our customers and their patrons, addressing both indoor and outdoor security,” added Riker.

About Liberty Defense

Liberty provides security solutions for concealed weapon detection in high volume foot traffic areas and has secured an exclusive licence from MIT Lincoln Laboratory, as well as a technology transfer agreement, for patents related to active 3D imaging technology that are packaged into the HEXWAVE product. The system is designed to provide discrete, modular and scalable protection to provide layered, stand-off detection capability. This is intended to provide a means to proactively counter evolving urban threats. The sensors with active 3D imaging and AI-enhanced automatic detection are designed to detect metallic and non-metallic firearms, knives, explosives and other threats. Liberty is committed to protecting communities and preserving peace of mind through superior security detection solutions. Learn more:

About Sleiman

Sleiman Enterprises, Inc. is a real estate company that develops and manages shopping centers in the Southeastern United States. The company specializes in the design, construction, leasing, and management of properties ranging from neighborhood strips to regional shopping meccas. It serves tenants, landowners, lenders, and other participants. Sleiman Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1955 and is based in Jacksonville, Florida.