Radar technology startup Xandar Kardian to debut partnerships with Orion ECI and GRASP Innovations at ISC West 2022

March 21, 2022
New deployments in North America and Europe showcase Xandar Kardian’s UWB Radar presence detection devices as optimal security solution

TORONTO, Can. – (March 15, 2022) – Xandar Kardian, a Toronto-based startup that develops UWB radar technology for presence detection and motion monitoring, is debuting two new program partnerships at ISC West 2022 this month. Orion ECI, an entrance control technology company based in New Hampshire, and GRASP Innovations, an aviation security startup from the Netherlands, have both partnered with Xandar Kardian to utilize radar technology devices for complete security solutions at an institutional level. All three companies will be in attendance at ISC West to share the success of these partnerships and how Xandar Kardian devices drastically improved their security system accuracy, increased energy efficiency, and reduced operating costs.

Xandar Kardian’s UWB radar technology processes 15 million radar signals per second, reacting to the micro-vibrations generated by the human body to continuously and autonomously detect presence in real-time with 99.9% accuracy. The revolutionary devices require no cameras, no microphones, no battery, and no intervention by the user, operate at the same accuracy and effectiveness regardless of ceiling height, sunlight, or environment, and can be deployed behind walls, over entrances, on ceilings, and under furniture – providing the ultimate solution for presence detection without any privacy concerns. Furthermore, Xandar Kardian devices are 100% edge computing-based and do not rely on any AI, eliminating the potential for the detection errors often caused by artificial intelligence-based sensors.

“You can’t hide your heartbeat,” co-founder and managing director of Xandar Kardian, Sam Yang, explains. “Because our UWB radar detects presence and vacancy based of off the micro-vibration of a beating human heart or lungs pumping air, there is really no way for anyone to hide from detection. This is what makes our devices so transformative as a security solution for airports, banks, business, etc. – it offers the total coverage and total privacy these types of institutions need.”

GRASP Innovations, a start-up in airport security automation, partnered with Xandar Kardian for deployments at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands. At Schiphol, the utilization of Xandar Kardian’s patented UWB radar technology has resulted in significant reductions in operating expenses while providing 24/7 security.

Robert Schuur, GRASP’s co-founder, explains that their partnership with Xandar Kardian is rooted in providing accurate data that allows security professionals to optimize their time and resources and be proactive to security issues rather than reactive. “It’s our business to develop tools that help security professionals make optimal use of available resources and infrastructure in ever-changing circumstances,” he said. “Change in the aviation sector was inevitable due to Covid. Before the pandemic, airports mainly focused on growth and improving their efficiency. Now, it’s all about becoming flexible in using resources and the infrastructure available. With our solutions we connect human-based data (gathered with Xandar Kardian’s sensors) to relevant technologies, which then provide clear insights to optimize the use of resources and infrastructure in any given situation, enabling security professionals to take immediate action if necessary and solve problems before they arise.”

At Orion ECI, the team has partnered with Xandar Kardian for its new Constellation brand of security solutions. Orion specializes in entrance control security systems, and the Constellation line is specifically geared towards facility managers looking to optimize space utilization in the new era of the workplace. The Constellation devices utilize Xandar Kardian technology for presence detection to automate “hot desking,” conference room use, lighting and HVAC system control, and in-and-out counting.

“We searched the world for the best occupancy sensor technology and Xandar Kardian was clearly the only choice,” commented Orion CEO and founder Steve Caroselli. “Not only is their presence detection technology incredibly accurate, but they also have worldwide distribution and case studies across commercial real estate, health care, banking, corrections, transportation, retail, and security. The added data pushed into the Orion Infinity ecosystem makes for a powerful integration into any building environment.”

To learn more information about Xandar Kardian, visit their website at www.xkcorp.com. For more information about GRASP Innovations and the Schiphol Airport program, please visit www.grasp-innovations.com. To learn more about Orion ECI and the Constellation system, visit


 About Xandar Kardian:

Xandar Kardian is a US Delaware C-Corp with international operations spanning South Korea, Canada, and Singapore, focused on deploying reliable and high accuracy security and healthcare solutions worldwide. Xandar Kardian elevates motion sensor technology to the next level, incorporating radar sensors that monitor vital signs via resting heart rate (RHR) and respiratory rate (RR), providing essential insights into occupant motion, location, and vital sign reading. Founded in 2017, the team behind Xandar Kardian is focused on digital radar signal processing from start to finish, having received FDA 510(k) Clearance for its XK300 in April 2021.

About GRASP Innovations:

GRASP Innovations is a high-tech solutions provider focused on enabling operational excellence through the creation of actionable insight. GRASP was founded by two former aviation security consultants, who over the past several years have been dedicated to improving aviation security from both a passenger experience (shorter queues and less hassle), and an operational standpoint (increased efficiency and effectiveness).

About Orion Entrance Control Inc.:

Orion is a leading United States technology company that specializes in entrance control, security tailgating, and occupancy sensor solutions with data delivered through cutting-edge IoT device software Infinity™.  From the entrance to the back office, Orion has brought intelligent, effective technologies to help drive greater data and metrics to maximize business efficiencies as well as a higher level of safety through intelligent business practices.