Healthcare leaders turn to Evolv Technology to address workplace violence

Jan. 23, 2024
The need to address staff safety has become paramount for many hospital administrators.

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Evolv Technology, the modern security technology company transforming threat and weapons detection to create safer experiences, continues to see growth in the healthcare sector as hospital leaders add advanced weapons detection to their safety plans.

With over 70% of workplace violence taking place in a healthcare setting and the majority of emergency physicians saying violence in the emergency department harms patient care, the need to address staff safety has become paramount for many hospital administrators.

Evolv added over a dozen new healthcare customers in the second half of last year, including Parkland Health, one of the largest public hospital systems in the United States, Windsor Regional Health, the 15th largest hospital in Ontario, and the University of Missouri Health Care.

Today, Evolv’s Express concealed weapons detection system, which uses advanced sensors and AI to distinguish everyday items from threats as people move through security at the pace of life, is being used in more than 250 hospital buildings to screen over 400,000 hospital visitors every day, compared to just 40,000 a year ago.

David Musyj, president and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital said the Express scanners, which were installed in October, have proven to be a huge success since they've been installed with over 1,000 weapons being detected so far. “We have successfully stopped a significant number of dangerous items from entering our facility with this new system. Protecting our providers and working to create a safer environment enables the best possible patient care.”

Windsor Regional Hospital’s emergency room operations manager Lisa Gawdunyk, RN added, “I can positively say that not only have we seen noted improvements to our recruitment and retention of staffing in the emergency department, but also improvements to overall staff morale. They feel supported and safe. Patients and families have also been appreciative of the steps WRH is doing to ensure their safety.”

“Since we’ve installed the Express systems in June, we’ve stopped over 500 guns and 200 knives from entering our facility,” said Brian Wade, director of security at Temple University Health. “We are trying to provide a safe environment for everyone who comes into our hospital and Evolv has been an active layer in our security plan.”

“We had a lot of ED staff telling us they were very concerned about safety. They wanted to be able to take care of patients and not worry about their safety. When the ED nursing staff found out that we were putting the Express systems in place, they were very excited,” said David Hall, manager of security services at Southern Ohio Medical Center.

“As business leaders today, we are constantly challenged to look at new ways to create environments of safety from a cultural, physical, psychological, and technology perspective,” said Michael Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell Health in New York. “Our people are our number one investment. Creating safer environments for them to collaborate and do their best work is essential.”

In addition to hospitals, Evolv’s Technology is used by more than 600 customers worldwide, including over 40 major league sports teams, schools, iconic venues, arenas, and leading theme parks. Evolv Express has screened more than 1 billion people.