Podcast Recap: Defining ‘critical infrastructure’ and best practices for keeping it protected

March 5, 2024
Ed Levy discusses defining CI, what makes CI a dynamic operating environment, and the importance of leadership on the CI front.

Despite its vital importance, critical infrastructure (CI) is notoriously difficult to define. Asking a wide variety of professionals will garner a wide variety of answers, which can make preparing an effective plan complicated. Organizations need to clearly recognize and define what CI entails to mount a strong defense.

In this recent episode of Security DNA, host Steve Lasky of SecurityInfoWatch.com is joined by Ed Levy, Director of Critical Infrastructure at NOBLE to discuss defining CI, what makes CI a dynamic operating environment, and the importance of presenting unified leadership on the CI front.

Ed Levy: “Security and critical infrastructure aren’t static – they’re moving targets.”

Levy is currently leveraging his three decades of corporate and government leadership experience at NOBLE, spearheading its critical infrastructure practice. He is a retired US Army Colonel who has served throughout the US and Europe, as well as the Pentagon, and was awarded the academic title of Assistant Professor as West Point United States Military Academy’s Chief of Military Science. With a deep understanding of military, law enforcement and corporate infrastructure, Levy has proven himself a highly accomplished senior executive in his field.

Find this month’s episode of Security DNA here.


  • The difficulties of defining CI and how organizations can take on the challenge,
  • How cyber threats are intensifying in the CI sphere,
  • The domestic and international threats CI practitioners need to prepare for,
  • Why convergence and IoT are causing anxieties to flare,
  • And why establishing a unified leadership construct is crucial to effective CI security.