Podcast Recap: The importance of DEI and how security leaders can change the dynamic

March 7, 2024
Jerry Brennan discusses DEI in the security industry and the changes organizations need to make to welcome a more diverse employee population.

As the security industry modernizes, so too does its hiring landscape. Organizations are making room for a diverse range of candidates to begin or advance their security careers, and increasing numbers of women and protected minorities are clawing their way up the corporate ladder to make their voices heard. However, while efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become more prevalent in recent years, corporations have a long way to go before minority groups see themselves equally represented.

In this recent episode of Security DNA, host Steve Lasky of SecurityInfoWatch.com is joined by industry veteran Jerry Brennan, Chief Executive of SMR Group, to discuss the underlying causes behind the security industry’s lack of diversity, the sectors seeing growth in DEI, and the changes organizations need to make at scale to welcome a more diverse employee population.

Brennan: “It’s not a number – it’s an equality of opportunity. Level the playing field.”

Brennan, the Co-founder and Chief Executive of SMR Group, has spent his career in private sector enterprise risk and resilience with globally respected organizations. A veteran of the US Marine Corps, Brennan has worked internationally in the public sector in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. He has also authored multiple security recruitment titles and currently serves on the board of the International Security Foundation and the benchmarking committee of OSAC Women in Security.

Find this month’s episode of Security DNA here.


  • The current state of diversity in the security industry,
  • Which sectors are seeing higher rates of DEI growth,
  • Why recruiting young talent is crucial to sustaining the industry,
  • What steps must be taken to increase inclusion initiatives,
  • And the DEI efforts organizations are already taking to foster diverse workplaces.