Podcast Recap: Designing a security team and protecting today’s network-centric environments

July 5, 2024
Guest Bryan Willett discusses securing network-centric environments and building robust, skill-diverse security teams.

As global events and technology trends shape a turbulent security industry, executives must proceed with caution. Ensuring client satisfaction in the midst of an unprecedented security arms race requires a team with a diverse range of experience and the foresight to invest in robust security programs.

In this recent episode of SecurityDNA, host Steve Lasky of SecurityInfoWatch.com is joined by Bryan Willett, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Lexmark International, to discuss Willett’s climb to leadership from firmware development and project management, the increasing prevalence of organizations as clients, and how to secure network-centric environments during an era of rapid change.

Willett: “You have to weave financial reality into your risk register. There are always tradeoffs.”

Over the course of his 27-year-long tenure at Lexmark International, Willett has spearheaded efforts to invest in security infrastructure, reduce overall security risk, and improve compliance with industry regulations. These efforts include the development of Lexmark’s Privacy Program and the establishment of the company’s first enterprise IT security and privacy risk program. As CISO, he works to oversee physical security, IT security, and data privacy at a global scale.

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  • How professionals can leverage their increasing security footprint to benefit client organizations,
  • What attributes to look for when filling out your security teams,
  • Why organizational cross-training is an effective tool for building team experience,
  • And the importance of consistent vulnerability maintenance for both customers and security providers.


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Samantha Schober | Associate Editor

Samantha Schober is associate editor of SecurityInfoWatch.com.