Alula BAT-Connect now supports Interlogix Concord 4

April 23, 2021
5G-ready universal communicator will save Concord 4 from the sunset and upgrade it to video and modern touchscreens

April 15, 2021 - St. Paul, MN - Alula, the leader in smart security and automation systems for professional installers, today announced their award-winning BAT-Connect communicator now offers full interactive support for the Interlogix Concord 4 panel.

This breakthrough will allow Professional Concord 4 installers to salvage their existing installs from the upcoming 3G sunset and upgrade those customers to video and a modern touchscreen experience. Alula is able to add this new compatibility to BAT-Connect units already in market using an automatic remote firmware update, so the BAT-Connect you buy at the distributor today will take over Concord 4.

“The popularity of the BAT-Connect communicator with our Pro Partners affirms the industry’s need for a solution that allows dealers an efficient and effective way to take over or upgrade any residential smart home system,” explained Dave Mayne, vice president of product management at Alula. “Over the next year, our dealer partners will need to rapidly upgrade 3G/CDMA panels to transition to 4G and become 5G-ready. The BAT-Connect is the perfect cost-effective solution.”

This adds Concord 4 to the long list of panels that BAT-Connect is able to take over with full interactive support. BAT-Connect offers bus support for DSC, Honeywell, and networX panels, as well as universal compatibility with all tip and ring connections.

Currently, Alula is offering Pro Partners a $99 interactive service credit for every BAT-Connect that replaces a sunsetting communicator. Considering the MSDP of the BAT-Connect, that makes BAT-Connect virtually free.

Alula’s BAT-Connect is the ultimate communicator. BAT-Connect speeds both takeovers and new installs (when paired with a hardwired security panel) using automatic panel detection and configuration to recognize and harvest existing sensors. Much more than a basic communicator, this intuitive device smartly bridges intrusion security, video and automation with the Alula iOS or Android Apps. Fueled by the encrypted, lightning-fast Alula network, system control is delivered instantly to their phone as well as the sleek new Slimline Touchpad.

In late 2019, Interlogix announced it will close its businesses in the U.S. and Canada, creating a void in support for dealers who previously relied on those panels as a core part of their business. The BAT-Connect allows dealers to service and upgrade those Concord 4 panels so they don’t have to rip and replace. For Interlogix’s popular Simon panels, Alula offers the Connect-XT, with the same 5G-ready sunset-beating technology.

“We are running out of time and the deadline for the sunset is coming up quick,” says Alula EVP and Founder Russell Vail. “We know the professional installer is up against a hard deadline so we are working day and night to give them the tools they need to do the job, including adding Concord 4 to the universe of panels that Alula can rescue with BAT-Connect.”

A complete BAT-Connect communicator alarm panel compatibility guide, listing those systems that are compatible with Alula’s BAT-Connect can be found here.