Amazon makes its foray into DIY home security

Oct. 25, 2017
Company announces the launch of 'Amazon Cloud Cam,' 'Amazon Key'

On the heels of announcements by NestRing and others who have recently expanded their offerings in the do-it-yourself security market, tech giant Amazon on Wednesday launched its first DIY home security products as it officially released the new Amazon Cloud Cam and Amazon Key service.

The focal point of these new offerings for the company is really centered on Amazon Key, a new service for their "Prime" customers that enables them to have packages dropped off securely inside their homes by granting remote access to delivery drivers. To gain access to this service, customers must purchase the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which includes the aforementioned Amazon Cloud Cam and one of several compatible smart locks made by Yale and Kwikset.     

According to a statement issued by Amazon, using the Amazon Key app, customers can track their delivery with real-time notifications, watch the delivery happening live or review a video of the delivery after it is complete. Each time a delivery driver requests access to a customer’s home, the company said it verifies that the correct driver is at the right address, at the intended time, through an encrypted authentication process. Once this process is completed, the cameras starts recording and the door is unlocked. No access codes or keys are ever provided to delivery drivers. 

In addition, similar to other smart lock offerings, the service offers keyless access for family and friends. Customers can set the frequency and length of time a person has access, and add or remove contacts as they see fit. The company said it also plans to provide customers with professional service scheduling with thousands of providers through the service via integrations with various service brands, such as Merry Maids and pet sitters and dog walkers on

Customers can install the In-Home Kit themselves or take advantage of free professional installation. The Amazon Key In-Home Kit starts at $249.99.  The service will be available starting on Nov. 8 in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the U.S.

In conjunction with Amazon Key, the company also debuted its Cloud Cam on Wednesday, which is an intelligent indoor security camera that features 1080p resolution, night vision, two-way audio, a wide viewing angle, and activity clips from the last 24 hours via the Amazon Cloud Cam App. The camera, which is compatible with Alexa, the company’s virtual personal assistant, is available individually for $119.99. It is also being sold in two-pack and three-pack configurations for $199.99 and $289.99 respectively.

Although Cloud Cam comes with access to the last 24 hours of clips and support for up to three cameras, Amazon is also offering a subscription service that will offer users support for up to 10 cameras, as well as provide additional storage for video and unlimited downloads and shares of video clips. Each subscription also offers Person Detection, an analytic that flags human activity instead of general motion (like a pet walking), and Zones, which lets customers indicate certain areas of their home with motion they want ignored (like a ceiling fan). Customers can try any subscription free for 30 days. The subscription tiers are as follows:

  • Basic ($6.99/mo, $69/yr) offers access to the last 7 days of motion detection clips for up to 3 cameras
  • Extended ($9.99/mo, $99/yr) offers access to the last 14 days of motion detection clips for up to 5 cameras
  • Pro ($19.99/mo, $199/yr) offers access to the last 30 days of motion detection clips for up to 10 cameras

As with Amazon Key, the Cloud Cam will begin shipping to U.S. customers on Nov. 8.