3 Ways to Expand Smart Home Offerings

Sept. 7, 2023
Residential security integrators are well suited to add these technologies to their services

This article originally appeared in the September 2023 issue of Security Business magazine. When sharing, don’t forget to mention Security Business magazine on LinkedIn and @SecBusinessMag on Twitter.

As much as it may pain residential security integrators to hear, when it comes to their services there is a blurred line for consumers. Security and home technology integrators can often be perceived as one and the same – they both deal with technology in the home, run wires and help customers make system decisions that will best suit their lifestyle.

So, what is the hold-up for security integrators when it comes to expanding into the broader technology market?

According to this year’s Z-Wave Ecosystem Report, 90% of U.S. smart security system owners have added more smart home devices after initial purchase. Security systems prepare buyers to add on to their existing systems, and if security integrators do not expand their offerings further, they could be missing out on additional revenue opportunities.

For security integrators who are unsure of where to start, here are three ideas that will bring the biggest value to customers while bolstering your bottom line.

1. Add to security with shading:

PowerHouse Alliance members have seen double-digit growth in the smart shade category over the last several years. While many homeowners approach smart shades for aesthetics or convenience, shades can nicely complement any security system.

With programmable schedules and remote-control capabilities, smart shades can simulate occupancy even when homeowners are away, giving the impression that someone is present and deterring intruders. Additionally, by synchronizing with other smart home devices such as lighting and security systems, smart shades can be part of a comprehensive security ecosystem that provides a holistic approach to home protection. For example, when programmed, smart shades can automatically close during predefined security modes, ensuring that no valuable assets or personal belongings are visible from outside.

2. Own the network, own the home:

Homeowners have more connected devices than ever, especially with the work-from-home trend continuing. Recent research by internet service provider Ting Internet found on average, respondents believe they have eight IoT-connected devices in their household; however, when presented with a detailed list of options, it turned out that they had 13 devices. Multiply that number by the number of people in the household and the network can quickly become both exhausted and a target for hacking.

Working with homeowners to establish a professional-grade network will not only help them continue to stream their favorite shows but also ensure that their personal information remains safe.

3. Expand to entertainment:

Streaming content has changed the game for home entertainment. Homeowners no longer need to battle sticky seats and ticket lines to see the latest blockbuster, they can view it from the luxury of their own home.

Media room projects are a great entertainment entry point for security integrators. These multipurpose spaces can come together relatively easily and can offer clients a maximized viewing experience. Entertainment spaces also don’t have to be confined to the indoors – summer and early fall are prime times to look at installing outdoor entertainment systems. Security integrators have experience running power outdoors for cameras and lighting, and those skills can easily be transferred to entertainment systems. Adding smart home products to your lineup does not have to be all at once and it does not have to be an intimidating process. Don’t leave money on the table. According to the Interpret Smart Home Matrix, 47% of adults intend to purchase a smart home device in 2023. Make sure they are purchasing it from you.

Dennis Holzer is Executive Director of the PowerHouse Alliance (www.powerhousealliance.com), a consortium of regional wholesale distributors. Visit www.securityinfowatch.com/12084590 to request more information.