Ahmad Zoua

AVP of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure for Guidepost Solutions

Ahmad Zoua is the AVP of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure for Guidepost Solutions. He brings to the team vast experience as an engineer and project manager, managing a broad range of projects from inception to completion.

Zoua has a solid history of delivering strategic solutions, risk management, and client relationship solutions and has experience working on complex technology projects in multiple verticals, including, but not limited to, aviation, critical facility and healthcare. His international and domestic project experience is augmented by his advanced communication skills in three languages.

Zoua has managed many projects in Saudi Arabia, where he delivered medium-to-large IT projects across public and private sectors. Projects delivered include site surveys, data network implementation, data center preparation, and security system design, installation and configuration. In this role, he also directed all testing phases of the quality control process.