Bo Mitchell

President of 911 Consulting

Bo Mitchell is the President of 911 Consulting. He holds the following designated certifications: CEM, CPP, CHS-V, CBCP, CSI-ML, HSEEP, CSSAS, CNTA, IAC, MOAB, CHSP, CHEP, CSHM, CESCO, CHCM, CFC, CSSM, CSC, CAS, TFCT3, CERT, CHSEMR, CMC

Bo was a Police Commissioner of Wilton, CT for 16 years. He retired to found 911 Consulting, which creates emergency, disaster recovery, business continuity, crisis communications and pandemic plans, and training and exercises for organizations like GE HQ, Hyatt HQ, H&R Block HQ, MasterCard HQ, four colleges and universities, and 29 secondary schools. He serves clients headquartered from Boston to Los Angeles working in their facilities from London to San Francisco. Bo also serves as an expert in landmark court cases nationally.