New blog addresses LP concerns

Feb. 19, 2008
Independent consultant Curtis Baillie launches Security2LP blog

Curtis Baillie, CSC, a security management consultant specializing in loss prevention and retail security, has joined as a regular blogger with the launch of his Security2LP blog.

With a background that encompasses law enforcement and security at some of the nation's largest retailers, Baillie brings a real-world, hands-on background to the retail security/LP industry. Expect his blog to cover retail industry news as it affects security, the world of independent security consultants, and loss prevention topics.

Baillie is principal of Security Consulting Strategies, LLC, his Pennsylvania-based security consulting firm.

Baillie joins active SIW bloggers Deborah O'Mara (blog: Integrator Insights) and Greg McConnell (blog: The Central Blog Station), as well as Geoff Kohl (blog: The Security Check). O'Mara and McConnell are editors of Security Dealer & Integrator magazine. Kohl is editor of

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