Security Executive Council welcomes four new experts

June 9, 2017
SEC responds to emerging threats and security needs to add niche area expertise to staff

May 17, 2017, Boston, MA--The Security Executive Council (SEC) has recently welcomed four additional experts to its team. Responding to SEC’s current research on corporate security trends and requirements, this new group of leading professionals will contribute in important niche areas of expertise. Bob Hayes, SEC’s managing director states, “With our most recent recruitment of top talent, we have added experts with some experiences and knowledge unique to the security advisory industry.” The SEC provides a comprehensive array of advisory services and serves as a strategic partner to security executives who want to take their security programs to the next level.

Phil Hopkins is the former  VP of Global Security, Western Union Financial Services. His expertise is as follows:
• Executive risk assessments
• Design of protective services and program development
• Financial crimes
• National security events

Heather O’Brien is the former Southeastern Regional President for Universal Protection Service, LLC, and President, Security Forces, Inc. Her expertise is in Guard /Officer programs including:
• Contracting
• Program implementation
• Services coverage
• Qualifications
• KPIs
• Cost effectiveness without service reduction
• Contract and services validation

John Slattery is the former Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence (CI), FBI National Security Branch. His expertise includes:
• Custom training and solutions focused on insider threats and cyber risk mitigation
• Analytic and intelligence-enabled products and services to US Government, law enforcement organizations and private sector clients
• Solutions leveraging behavioral indicators to better inform management and influence personnel decisions
• Tailored training and solutions for the enterprise to improve interviewing and behavioral influence skills and the ability to detect deception

Marilyn Sussan is the former Chief, Administrative Services, Security and Corporate Procurement Division at Inter-American Development Bank. Her expertise includes:

• Integration of security across all corporate services delivery 
• Security considerations in international real estate decisions 
• Employee security and incident management in developing countries
• Executive influence strategy 

About the Security Executive Council (SEC): The Security Executive Council (SEC) is a research and advisory firm focused on corporate security risk mitigation solutions. Its security subject matter experts include former CSOs, academics, recognized industry experts, and thought leaders. Subject matter experts work collaboratively with SEC clients and most contribute to the largest body of knowledge resources created for all specialties within the security community. A portion of these resources is publicly available in the Knowledge Corner.

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