iRobot and TASER Deliver New Robot Capabilities for Defense

July 11, 2007
New robot designed to engage suspects with TASER devices

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 28, 2007 – iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT) today announced a strategic alliance with TASER International, Inc. to develop new robots that can remotely engage, incapacitate and control dangerous suspects with integrated TASER electronic control devices. Built on iRobot's combat-proven PackBot® robot platforms, the new TASER-equipped robots will add a new ability to control dangerous suspects while keeping personnel, the suspect and bystanders out of harm's way.

iRobot and TASER together have developed a working proof-of-concept model – iRobot® PackBot Explorer™ with TASER X26 device – to showcase the first robot of its kind with an on-board, integrated TASER payload. The two companies will demonstrate the proof-of-concept model at the annual TASER Tactical Conference, July 9-10, at the Westin O'Hare in Chicago.

"iRobot continually looks for new or proven technologies from best-of-industry companies to integrate on our battle-tested robots," said Vice Admiral Joe Dyer (U.S. Navy, Ret.), president of iRobot Government & Industrial Robots. "The addition of TASER technologies onto iRobot platforms will provide a critical tool for SWAT, law enforcement and military to handle a variety of dangerous scenarios."

The PackBot Explorer is a rugged and lightweight robot that can be hand-carried and deployed by a single operator. An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), PackBot Explorer is designed to search hazardous areas, giving warfighters, law enforcement and first responders a safe first look so they know what to expect and how to respond. PackBot Explorer and the iRobot PackBot family of robots are designed with a digital, modular architecture which makes integration of payloads, including the TASER electronic control device, easy and cost effective.

To date, iRobot has delivered more than 1,000 PackBot robots to a broad range of military and civilian customers worldwide. The iRobot PackBot is used to detect and defuse road-side bombs, known as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), while keeping warfighters out of harm's way. The robots have performed tens of thousands of missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and are credited with saving soldiers' lives.

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