Segway Introduces the Segway Human Transporter i180 Police Package

April 3, 2006
Customized package designed to enhance patrols

BEDFORD, N.H. - Segway Inc. has announced the introduction of the Segway Human Transporter (HT) i180 Police package, which is based on the Segway HT i180 with lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries and includes a complete set of accessories that are designed to enhance patrol and community policing applications of the Segway HT.

The i180 Police package includes a Segway handlebar guard, a quick time-out key, reflective trim, Segway comfort mat, Segway 12.0 handlebar bag, Segway 25.0 cargo system, and an LED tail light. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the i180 Police package with Li-Ion batteries is $5,495, representing a savings of $195 compared to purchasing the accessories individually.

"More than 80 police departments and security organizations in the U.S. currently use Segway HTs to patrol high-density urban centers, airports, shopping malls, parking structures and college campuses," said Klee Kleber, vice president of marketing for Segway Inc. "Whether a department is looking to boost patrol range, increase police presence, improve response times, or forge stronger relationships in the community, the Segway HT Police package is a smart buy that delivers all the accessories they'll need."

The individual components of the Police package are as follows:

- The Segway i180 model with lithium-ion batteries. Range: 18-24 miles. Top speed: 12.5 mph. Payload: 260 lbs. The lithium-ion batteries operate at temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit enabling all-weather use of the Segway HT. With the exception of regular battery recharging there are virtually no maintenance costs associated with the operation of the machine.

- Reflective Trim - pre-installed trim to enhance officer visibility from the front or rear.

- Handlebar Guard - Constructed from cold rolled steel, it easily mounts directly beneath handlebars on the control shaft where it acts as a mounting point for lights, sirens and other accessories.

- Quick Time Out Key - When an officer starts the i180 Police model with this key, the unit is programmed to shut off 5 seconds after the officer dismounts. This feature allows the officer to quickly respond to a situation, leaving the Segway HT unattended, but powered off, safe from unauthorized operation.

- Segway 12.0 Handlebar Bag - Made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon for durability, the black handlebar bag can carry up to 10 pounds of cargo. Fully integrated with the Handlebar Guard, the bag can carry extra batteries for lights and sirens. Two pockets on the rider side of the bag allow for easy access.

- 25.0 Side Cargo System - Features an integrated frame with an expandable bag that carries up to 25 lbs. of gear. Has a black ballistic nylon body with heavy-duty zippers and weather flaps for water-resistance. Internal organization pockets for keys, tools, etc.

- Segway LED Tail Light - Uses high output LED technology to produce bright red light. Installs on either the front or back of the 25.0 Cargo Bag for increased visibility. Comes with two sets of rechargeable AA batteries and one charger.

- Segway Comfort Mat - Made of 1/2" UltrakTM anti-slip material, the Segway Comfort Mat provides a comfortable, fatigue-reducing foot surface for those who ride the Segway HT for an extended time.

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