Optimizing Video and Analytics

June 28, 2018
How organizations can leverage their existing analog infrastructures and obtain some of the same benefits that IP video provides

In the video surveillance industry, the topic of high-definition (HD) analog cameras can spark some debate.

Many security businesses ardently promote the benefits of IP cameras and the enhanced image quality they offer, and for this reason, they may have stopped offering analog devices. If IP is the way of the future, some argue, customers should be encouraged to only buy IP devices. On the other hand, there are security integrators who have kept analog cameras in their product portfolios, and who have added HD analog cameras, to offer customers additional choice, regardless of where the industry as a whole is headed.

Click to read this SMARTpaper from March Networks that compares the features of HD analog and IP cameras and explains how the users of both can take advantage of today’s analytic technology.