Technology Roundtable: Best Practices for Adding Mobile Duress

Aug. 9, 2022
How integrators can incorporate the technology into an overall solution (Sponsored by Inovonics)

Mobile duress has always been a solution that attracts the attention of security customers. That said, the hardware and costs associated with the technology, along with the physical limitations of many systems that only offer general area location have been a real hurdle in selling it for integrators.

This exclusive technology roundtable sponsored by Inovonics takes a closer look at best practices for integrating the technology into an overall security system. The panel includes:

  • Juliana Goldenberg, COO of SecureTech Systems Inc., provider of the WAVE Plus Critical Incident Notification System
  • Brian Lund, Senior VP at RFI Communications and Security
  • Richard Spellman, President of Cauzway LLC, a provider of a wireless platform for remote monitoring and control applications
  • Craig Dever, VP of Sales and Marketing for sponsor manufacturer Inovonics

Read the full roundtable here: 

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