Technology Roundtable: How to Maximize Integrator Success in the Smart Home

Feb. 9, 2023
Two seasoned integrators and an expert manufacturer explore ways to increase RMR, incorporate new technologies into an overall offering and much more (Sponsored by Snap One)
Coming off a smart home-focused trade show like CES, both security integrators and customers have been presented with an array of snazzy new smart home devices and technologies. But how do these technologies and products make a smooth transition from show floor to a customer’s living room? This is where residential integrators can play a key role.

In this exclusive technology roundtable sponsored by Snap One, three experts will guide integrators of deploying technology that will enable the functionality that smart home customers demand, while at the same time delivering the back-end RMR that integrators are looking for.

The Panel:

John Carter is CEO of Dallas-based Multimedia Solutions Inc., which specializes in audio/video, automation, electronic security, low-voltage infrastructure, and telecommunication systems.

Maitland Fritzley is President of Idaho-based Infinite Home Theater & May Security. He is a residential AV veteran who founded Infinite Home Theater and later acquired May Security.

Clint Choate is Senior Director of Security Markets for sponsor Snap One. He works cross functionally with various departments to develop and execute strategies that leverage benefits, products, platforms, and services to drive growth for the security industry.

Find out in this exclusive roundtable what these experts said about the following questions:

  • What recent technology innovations in the smart home are most appealing to residential security integrators?
  • How do you vet these products and make good decisions about adding them to your offerings?
  • What are some out-of-the-box ways to add recurring revenue in the residential market?
  • What are some best practices to help avoid or combat attrition?
  • What are the best ways that integrators who are focused on residential can expand into commercial markets?

Read the full roundtable here.

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