What's the True Risk of a Misplaced Key or Asset?

March 29, 2024
Key management solutions help mitigate loss and improve workflows.

The healthcare industry continues to transform, incorporating new technologies and even artificial intelligence (AI) for better patient diagnostics and outcomes. Wearables and remote monitoring devices track and manage a patient’s health status in real time. Telemedicine and virtual healthcare services are growing in preference by patients. As such, healthcare cybersecurity is a pressing need, with providers opting for the latest cyber controls to keep patient data safe and avoid service disruptions.

Similarly, healthcare facilities continue to embrace physical security technology to protect spaces. Within this footprint is the need to secure keys, laptops, medicines, surgical instruments, testing equipment and other expensive shared devices. 

Intelligent management solutions for keys and equipment help secure assets and provide residual benefits like operational efficiency, accountability and real-time audits for users. These solutions include electronic key cabinets and asset management lockers, web-based software for compliance and reporting, and medication distribution lockers for improved dispensing of pharmaceuticals, especially in correctional or VA hospitals.

Challenges and pain points for healthcare

A highly transient workforce environment can make it difficult to keep track of keys in hospitals and healthcare settings. Employees require keys to access secure areas and equipment, and management doesn’t want those keys to leave the premises because when they do, it can represent a security risk. Additionally, the process of distributing and reacquiring keys can be time-consuming when shift supervisors handle the process manually. On average, rekeying a door costs around $200 to $250 per door with weighted labor costs. For facilities with hundreds of doors, rekeying becomes an expensive endeavor when keys go missing.

Distributing keys to contractors can also become a security threat when the process is not audited properly. As a solution, contractors can receive a credential or code to access the intelligent cabinet with the keys, which starts the auditing process. High-level security clearance can also be managed, with recordkeeping on who entered secured areas and when. Unreturned keys can be flagged, and permissions to access these doors can be activated (or deactivated) in real time with automation software.

Shared or pooled assets can present another threat. For instance, home healthcare workers may require laptops for their patient visits. However, without an automated auditing and distribution system, these items may not be available or accounted for and may not be charged and ready for operation, which can cause valuable downtime spent waiting for them to charge and impact the ability to serve the patient in a timely manner. With intelligent electronic management solutions, if an asset is not working correctly, a fault can be recorded into the system, which removes the item from circulation or rotation.

What do all these scenarios have in common? They elevate the healthcare facility's risk profile when keys and assets aren’t accounted for, creating workflow inefficiencies and potential financial losses when rekeying or investigating misplaced keys and equipment.

Total visibility and unification across the facility

Key and asset management solutions help healthcare facilities secure, manage and audit keys and assets to improve security. They save time by eliminating manual checkout processes and provide operational efficiency, accountability, and real-time audits with online, web-based solutions. Workflows are automated and improved, saving personnel time when checking out keys and assets. Electronic key cabinets and intelligent locker solutions create an equal distribution of use and ensure asset availability. Security, accountability, productivity and cost savings are enhanced and maximized. With these solutions, you know where assets are at all items and that electronics are charged and ready to work.

Electronic key management controls can be customized to the level of security access required and individual permissions. Authorized users can quickly access the system via access card, fingerprint or PIN, and an administrator can determine who has access to which keys and when, with an audit trail of every transaction.

Similarly, intelligent locker systems keep track of shared equipment, devices and other pooled assets. They provide automated and controlled access while enforcing strict operational processes and delivering total visibility of all transactions.

Traka helps ensure your inventory is protected and utilized efficiently to provide the most value to your organization. TrakaWEB delivers a suite of management tools to regulate access, and monitor usage, which helps facilitate efficient daily processes. Plus, TrakaWEB yields accurate, audit-ready compliance reports to help facilities operate within industry standards.

Traka integrates into existing platforms for complete management, control and accountability. Integrations include:

·         Access control

·         Active directory

·         Human resources databases

·         Time and attendance

·         Fleet management software


Automated key management solutions secure critical assets for healthcare facilities while boosting workflow and productivity. By controlling, monitoring, and auditing access to your company’s important resources, you can greatly improve overall operations throughout your healthcare organization.

As an example, one hospital has installed Traka’s intelligent key cabinet, with accommodation for 50 keys to operate across the hospital’s 48 buildings. With software allowing for central management control, a full audit trail of all key transactions across the site is available. This has already saved the reception area time and resources allocated to key management, allowing more focus on patient care.

Traka provides the latest smart tools to better manage your valuable keys and assets. They offer a complete solution for any organization, including intelligent key and equipment management; software administration, monitoring, and reporting; integration with business systems; and professional services.

For more information, contact Traka at [email protected] or 877-348-7252.