Question The CCTV/Surveillance Expert: Customers go Digital—USING THE familiar

Oct. 27, 2008
Treat them like Regular Consumers
Q: My customer has “one foot” through the door into digital but continues to drag his other foot in the analog world. How do I get both of his feet into the digital world successfully?  

A: The majority of your end user customers are not comfortable with the unknown. To take the complete step into the digital world they at least need a basic understanding on how what you are trying to sell them works. Show them how the system operates. Point out the many advantages and features they will get and how to maintain it. Consistent training, strong support, and patience are the keys to gaining the acceptance of end users during this transition.

The same issues were apparent when tape recorders first hit the security market. The “acceptance” took some time. It then grew and progressed at a very rapid pace when they became fully understood and accepted by the masses. This was greatly aided by the consumer tape recorder market where many of the end users became familiar with the technology at their own pace and leisure.

As the consumer tape recorder market grew and became proven to them, the security market for tape recorders followed. Today, you see products such as TIVO, cable DVRs, and satellite DVRs, which are being installed in homes in record numbers. This consumer transition greatly aids the security market in the education cycle and transition into the digital security world.

Every potential security end user is also a consumer. It is understandable that they would rather spend “X” amount of dollars and education time on a TIVO rather then the same amount of money and time on a security digital recorder. However, once they see and experience the huge benefits of a consumer digital recording device such as TIVO at their own pace and schedule, they will easily be able to understand the benefits of the same technology in the security world. The tape recorder market proved it. Present your digital solutions in a consumer framework and you will get your customers to dive in both feet first.

Dario Brebric is Western Regional Sales Manager for SANYO Security Products.