How strategic partnerships are driving the new era of video

May 27, 2021
Partnering enables organizations to create the best-of-breed solutions that today's integrators and end-users demand

Forming relationships is one of the most basic and essential skills humans need to thrive. From the very beginning stages of our lives, we establish intricate relationships with our friends and core memories at home with our families. We learn and grow through these relationships and, later in life, create more of these relationships by starting our own families.

In business, the rules are no different. We conduct business with people we trust to ensure success. Of course, you can try to make your business succeed independently, but your chances of succeeding improve drastically if you establish relationships with other like-minded partners. 

And this isn't just our opinion. According to a report released by IDC, by 2021 around 50% of global firms will develop alliances with technology partners to achieve more advanced capabilities than they could on their own. The overall goal? To drive innovation and growth while meeting market demand. 

These alliances are embedded into ecosystems that power innovation, using co-creation models to improve speed to market and competitiveness. We refer to it as strategic collaboration, and this method is at the core of continued innovation. 

The Power of Partnerships 

Technology providers are focused on providing customers with high-quality products to derive value that can help them achieve their operational requirements. Whether it's video surveillance cameras, access control technology, or communication devices, each company boasts expertise in a particular area and strives to produce excellence. 

To do so, technology providers are always searching for components to make their products and services even more substantial. One key aspect in achieving a comprehensively robust solution involves finding partners that share a company's goal and creating integrations that benefit customers through increased insight and intelligence.  

The puzzle of a complete offering contains many pieces, and it's often necessary to fuse components from various providers to create a best-in-breed solution for customers. This approach is fundamental when integrating solutions through the Internet of Things (IoT), which requires uniform and consistent communication between partners to guarantee full compatibility among different devices.  

Additionally, partnerships allow for market crossover. High-tech businesses can extend their reach and purpose through integrations that add new levels of capabilities to their solutions. Customers who may have only used a provider's services for one specific use case can now be presented with new options, which have the power to reach far beyond a user's expectations.  

It is important to note that the core of any strong technology provider partnership revolves around learning. In today's evolving business environment, knowledge is power. Combining expertise across multiple arenas strengthens every feature of a solution. Companies can feed off each's intelligence and integrate information and data into one highly innovative approach. 

A compelling technology solution requires a strong collaboration between technology providers. Aligned technology providers can come together to help build the next generation technologies that benefit organizations around the globe. 

Great Minds Think Alike 

The video surveillance market is evolving rapidly. With requirements like NDAA compliance, enhanced functionality, the need to scale production quickly at the right price point, finding a vendor partner that can balance affordability and performance is necessary to remain competitive. At a fundamental level, joint technology relationships must be conducive to a progressive roadmap that supports innovation and collaborative development. What is needed is a shared mission to push the boundaries of traditional approaches to technology development. 

When evaluating a video technology partner, it is critical that a history of innovation and collaboration drives both companies because as a combined team moves forward, the relationship's collaborative journey can be intense. For example, when building a new camera line, one engineering team can facilitate and execute the camera line but both brands’ engineering teams must be in communication daily to drive the project forward from initial concept through completion. The result is a partnership that proves to be relentless toward reaching both organizations' joint goals.

With a strong baseline partnership, organizations can accelerate technology development and more quickly deliver the features that partners and end customers require and demand. With new video surveillance cameras, these features often include high frame rates, advanced compression technology, the ability to leverage quality video in low-light conditions, and a host of other feature sets.  

The power of collaboration is critical to creating a solution that is an integral part of advancing video in the broader IoT marketplace. We are all well aware that video is a driving factor in the vast majority of IoT devices' data. We're finding that the role of video is growing at a pace that innovators must meet with a forward-thinking vision for innovation and growth. And that's why the partnerships between technology leaders can successfully meet global security and business requirements.

Because the industry is entering a new era of innovation, vendors have focused on building and nurturing teams that center on innovation through collaboration internally and externally. With the increasing investment into IoT and the ever-increasing use of IP video as a critical element within the IoT ecosystem, alliances with like-minded solution providers help us develop a more substantial roadmap for our brands. 

In today's market, where technology is moving rapidly, collaboration is vital. As product portfolios grow, a shared vision of delivering innovative solutions will enable the industry to continue unlocking the IoT potential for various applications from enterprise, education to smart cities and beyond.  

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