Out with the old and in with the new

Nov. 20, 2012
Mobotix CSO is candid about analog

Some 70 percent of the Mobotix reseller partners come from the IT/networking side of the business. But that doesn’t mean a traditional security dealer or systems integrator can’t become more successful in this and other similar niches—with the right, forward-thinking attitudes.

At the recent West Coast Mobotix Partner Conference (www.securityinfowatch.com/10829701), in a show of hands more than half of the attendees were new to the company’s reseller program. And by design, the manufacturer of high-resolution video solutions continues to bring new faces into the fold, especially those with the prowess to embrace rapidly changing IP and networking technologies.

During the conference, Dr. Magnus Ekerot, chief sales officer for Mobotix semi-chastised those in the audience who admitted to still offering and selling analog cameras as part of their product portfolio.

“Our industry is so old-fashioned, so orthodox, using old technology and installing old technology where there are other things available; you [as a consumer] would never buy that yourself, but you’re installing it,” he said. Later, onstage during the formal dinner at the event, Ekerot apologized for “being hard on those resellers.”

During a one-on-one interview with Ekerot, he seemed genuinely concerned that the reseller and security integrator who continue to sell analog just aren’t keeping up with the times. He said that today’s buyer is accustomed to having the latest high-definition television, etc. so it makes sense that they should get the same with their video surveillance system. Ekerot also indicated that staying with analog technology will actually effect the profitability, or lack thereof, of traditional security dealers.

“It’s legacy, it’s history, you already put it up,” he said with regards to my question as to why some continue to stay with analog technology and not progress to IP. “I don’t understand it sometimes. Customers might spend millions on a project so why would you base it on a technology [analog] that’s 60 years old?” Willingness to change is much less prevalent in the traditional security dealer as opposed to those in the IT/networking side of the business, he added.

Commenting on why they might be adverse to change, he said this: “A lot has to do with their age and a generation shift. Some of the older dealers are moving out of the business so perhaps they don’t see the need to change. Their knowledge of how the security industry works is still critical. There’s a great place for them and great success stories can come from the security industry, but they have to have a willingness to change.”

I agree with these candid comments. It’s up to you to make the change or bring in someone who will help take your business to the next level.