Ring Unveils Car Cam

Feb. 9, 2023
Product offers security for professional vehicles, ride-share drivers

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The big unveiling for Ring at CES was Car Cam, a dual-facing camera designed to record both the interior of a vehicle as well as a dashboard cam when a vehicle is in motion, as well as when a car is parked. I caught up with Andrew Vloyanetes, Ring's General Manager, on the show floor to demo the device.

Vloyanetes explained that the camera includes sensors that can detect events both inside and around a vehicle, such as an attempted break-in. The device will start recording and send a real-time alert to the Ring app in this situation, making this a potential competitor to the ADT Canopy offering, which was also unveiled at CES 2023 (Take a closer look at Canopy at https://youtu.be/QHxlVOPoDlE). 

"We certainly see an application for Ring Car Cam in the professional space,” Vloyanetes told me. “Similar to how we see a need to protect construction sites and developed a solution [Jobsite Security], we also think there’s an application for businesses that use vehicles as a core part of their everyday work. When a car is critical to business, it becomes even more valuable, and Car Cam is an easy way to get peace of mind that your asset is protected thanks to its dual-facing cameras and sensors that can alert to motion in and around your vehicle – which is especially helpful once business ceases for the day and your car is parked overnight.”

Another professional application would be for drivers of ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft.

“It can provide extra peace of mind for those who drive for Uber, Lyft or any ride share company,” Vloyanetes said. “For these drivers, their car
is their livelihood, and having one device that enables them to monitor what might happen when they’re away from their vehicle, in addition to what’s happening when they’re driving, including what might be happening with passengers, is significant added peace of mind. We see traditional dash cams being used all the time in those scenarios, but Ring Car Cam has the added benefit of the exterior camera and the ability to alert you if someone tries to tamper with your vehicle when it’s parked – it provides an extra layer of protection for something these drivers absolutely need for their income, their cars.”

The camera plugs into and is powered by the vehicle’s battery via the OBD-II port, which enables it to detect and record events even when the car is turned off. It securely attaches to the car windshield and dashboard.

When parked, the camera only records when the smart sensors detect an event or when a user initiates Live View, and there is an LED light to clearly indicate when the microphone and inside-facing camera are on and recording. A privacy shutter for the inside-facing camera easily disables the interior video and all audio when closed. Additionally, Car Cam supports optional video end-to-end encryption. 

While the camera will be available direct to consumers starting in February, Vloyanetes told me that authorized Ring dealers will be able to leverage this new product as well. “Dealers are one of those customer groups that we think would benefit, and Car Cam is currently available for them on Amazon for Business.”

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