Hanwha Vision adds new dual light capabilities to Q series AI Cameras

March 14, 2024
White LED and infrared lights combine with Artificial Intelligence for extreme low-light performance and accurate object detection

Teaneck, N.J., March 14, 2024 – Hanwha Vision is adding white LED lights to its 8 and 5-megapixel resolution Q series camera models to deliver enhanced low-light performance, even in zero lux environments.

The use of built-in white LED lights allows the reproduction of sharp color images in any lighting condition without the need for external illumination sources, elevating overall camera performance and simplifying installation with its flat-eye design. The new dual-light capabilities combine with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics for highly accurate object, vehicle, and people detection.

The white lights can be used to provide brighter, safer environments for pedestrians and vehicles while also functioning as a deterrent by shining a bright light on people loitering or suspicious activities in progress.

“The Q series has built a reputation as a ‘workhorse’ mid-tier entry in the Hanwha Vision camera line,” said Ramy Ayad, Sr. Director of Product Management, Hanwha Vision America. “Security professionals appreciate its combination of configuration flexibility, especially in high camera count video surveillance applications, as well as ease of use and cost-effectiveness. These newest enhancements adding dual light, AI and powerful imaging resolution are all part of the series’ ongoing development to add user-requested features and capabilities.”

The recent addition of AI to Q series models enabled accurate people and vehicle classification by filtering out irrelevant motion triggers, ultimately generating fewer false alarms. As a result, users can conduct more effective forensic searches while realizing more efficient use of recording bandwidth.

The new dual-light Q series cameras share many of the AI-driven features found in Hanwha Vision’s previous Q Core series models, including AI-based WiseStream III video compression for bandwidth reduction and WiseNRII noise reduction, AI-based motion detection, and an AI-based business intelligence suite.

The new Q series cameras are available in 8MP and 5MP resolution with aperture ratios of F1.6 and F1.2, allowing for exceptional low-light performance. These cameras also include a new mounting solution for easier installation, an operator-controlled LDC function to correct distorted images based on different monitoring environments and an enhanced vandal-resistant design.

About Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision has been leading the global video surveillance industry with world-class optical design, image processing and cybersecurity technologies for more than 30 years. As it broadens its business to become a global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision will deliver more valuable and meaningful insights to customers by collecting key information and providing big data analytics using AI and cloud technologies. For more information about Hanwha Vision, please visit www.hanwhavisionamerica.com