Iluminar joins Axis Technology Partner Program

March 29, 2016

IRVINE, Calif., March 10, 2016  – Iluminar Inc., a manufacturer specializing in infrared and white light illuminators, has joined Axis Communications’ Technology Partner Program. Iluminar brings over two decades of experience and expertise in lighting technology, innovation and specification to Axis’ premier network of 80,000 partners in 179 countries. Axis is the number one security manufacturer in the industry and the market leader in network video. Together, Iluminar and Axis’ integrated security solutions will provide the highest quality video and CCTV performance to customers.

Through the program, numerous hardware vendors, resellers and software developers will now be able to integrate with Iluminar’s signature line of low voltage and PoE powered infrared and white light illuminators. By deploying Iluminar’s products, rather than a camera’s built-in illuminator, security professionals will experience enhanced image capture, clearer video feeds (free from insects and hotspots), a longer LED lifespan, and an image captured at distances of up to 919 feet (280 meters).

“We are thrilled to collaborate with an industry innovator like Axis and join its Technology Partner Program,” said Mrs. Eddie Reynolds, president and CEO of Iluminar. “Through the initiative, we are looking forward to raising awareness on the critical role lighting plays in video and analytics clarity, lowering bandwidth and crime deterrence with our illuminators. We are also excited to introduce our exceptional lighting products to new audiences."

Iluminar is known for its extensive range of infrared and white light products. The company’s illuminators feature the latest high-efficiency Osram LEDs, an IP67 weatherproof rated enclosure, and an optional remote control that manages LED light intensity, photocell sensitivity and timer functions. All IR and white light illuminators are available in a variety of angles, from narrow to panoramic, making them ideal for use with the latest Axis’ multi sensory camera.

When Iluminar lighting is paired with Axis cameras that are configured to the correct settings for license plate recognition, the cameras can effectively capture plates at distances up to 450 feet 24 hours a day.

To help educate the masses on the how’s and why’s of lighting, Iluminar offers a free, one-to-one training via WebEx.

Iluminar’s distinguished products will be featured at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 6-8, 2016 in the Louroe Electronics, Altronix and Dotworkz booths.

About Iluminar

Iluminar is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of infrared (IR) and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products. Co-owners Eddie Reynolds and Joni Hamasaki bring over 30 years of combined industry experience. Together they launched Iluminar in 2009 with a mission to supply high quality and reliable lighting and license plate recognition products to the video surveillance industry, backed by unsurpassed customer service.. Clients have continually come to rely on Iluminar for superior performance and customer service, including support in specifying lighting solutions for video surveillance applications as well as for general lighting. For more information, go to