Flock Safety announces partnership with Genetec

Oct. 29, 2019
Enables private citizens to help law enforcement agencies around the country proactively solve more crime
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October 24, 2019, Atlanta, Georgia — Flock Safety, a crime-solving company that provides the most advanced and affordable public safety technology for neighborhoods, small businesses, and law enforcement today announced a partnership with Genetec Inc., a provider of leading technology for unified security, public safety, and operations. The companies will integrate their solutions, the Genetec Citigraf decision support system and Flock Safety’s ALPR system, to pave the way for private citizens to help law enforcement agencies proactively solve more crime and increase public safety.

According to the 2018 FBI Crime Statistics report, up to 86 percent of nonviolent crimes remain unsolved and this is often due to a lack of evidence that police say starts with the license plate. Flock Safety license plate reading cameras provide evidence for police to solve up to five crimes every hour in 400 cities across the country. In Cobb County, GA, police reported over 60% reduction in crime where Flock Safety cameras were live.

Genetec provides a powerful software backbone in Genetec Citigraf that provides cities of all sizes real-time situational awareness and strategic insights by aggregating and analyzing data from a multitude of systems and sources including the Flock Safety ALPR system.

"Technology is only as valuable as its impact on real life," said Bob Carter, Commercial Head, City Practice USA at Genetec Inc. "Through this technology integration with Flock Safety we are able to help small municipalities and large metropolitan centers to unlock greater insights from their local datasets to improve policing and create safer communities."

“This partnership with Genetec brings crime-fighting technology to the places that need it most,” said Bailey Quintrell, VP of Strategy at Flock Safety. “The safest communities are those with deep public-private partnership, and working together with Genetec we’ll be able to make these partnerships a reality for any community.”

To learn more, visit flocksafety.com