First-time ASIS exhibitor 1-on-1

Sept. 24, 2015
Vistacom to debut professional video wall solution in booth #509

Breaking into the security market can be a daunting task for many companies; however, big trade shows like next week’s ASIS show in Anaheim (exhibits open Sept. 28-30) can make that a little easier. In this exclusive Q&A, I caught up with Jim Ferlino, President of Vistacom Inc. — a first-time ASIS exhibitor — to get insight on his strategies for breaking into the security market, along with a closer look at Vistacom’s video wall technology, which is designed to make the installation process easier for security integrators.

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What is the history of Vistacom, and what prompted the company to move into the security products marketplace?

Ferlino: Vistacom is a 60-year-old company and has been involved with public safety since its inception, installing voice systems during the early Cold War years. Vistacom’s more recent endeavors in the security sector have flourished due to a lack of technical expertise integrating command center video walls by traditional security integrators. Vistacom has leveraged its control room experience and partnered on projects with several such integrators to deliver reliable systems for their customers. These systems leverage powerful video processing platforms that interface with their existing analog and IP cameras, Video Management Systems (VMS), access control and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platforms to promote better decision making and an improved workflow. These systems also visualize other data that is becoming increasingly critical such as social media feeds, analytics, web pages, and similar computer-based content.

What product will Vistacom be introducing to the security market at ASIS?

As a result of working with and talking to several security integrators, Vistacom recognized demand for a cost-effective, professional video wall solution. Security integrators could do 90 percent of the installation, but it was that last 10 percent of technical configuration that was beyond their core competencies. Vistacom SecureView is a pre-configured video wall solution that will give security integrators a product that is easy to work with on the installation side while also having the full backing of qualified Vistacom technicians to remotely configure the system and support their team. For end-users, Vistacom SecureView represents stable, best-in-class visualization and collaboration technology to provide better situational awareness and help meet their overall business objectives. (The system) is available in three base configurations: a 2x2, 3x2 or 4x2 layout with an advanced video wall processor and control software (Request more information about this product by visiting     

Why did you choose ASIS 2015 as the stage to “break into” the market, and what type of attendees are you hoping to reach?

ASIS 2015 is the perfect venue to launch Vistacom SecureView, as it brings together security integrators and end-users that are focused on improving operations and increasing efficiencies. Vistacom shares that passion and has an impactful message to tell integrators and end-users alike — that you do not have to deplete your security budget in order to better visualize data and collaborate within your command center.

While ASIS caters to the end-user security clients, will you be targeting security dealers and integrators who use in-house central monitoring stations? What about large third-party monitoring providers?

Vistacom’s control room offerings within the security and surveillance market provide value to many different types of attendees at ASIS. For security integrators, we add technical expertise to help improve their capabilities on behalf of their customers. For end-users, our solutions improve their situational awareness and decision making by providing the right information at the right time. For consultants, engineers, manufacturers, and others, we represent a quality organization and loyal partner who respects relationships and delivers successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

How has video alarm verification changed the dynamic for video wall and monitoring equipment providers?

Video verification is part of an increased convergence of technologies within the command center that increases the need for intelligent, network-based video wall solutions. The right kind of video processing platform can interface with video alarm and central monitoring systems to automatically visualize critical information and camera feeds without needing operator intervention. Tying in with these systems and popping up the suspect camera on the video wall with detail such as a flashing border, text or audio is at the heart of why clients come to us seeking network-based video wall solutions. Our video wall processing platforms translate those triggers from third-party systems and activates presets within the video wall processor to automatically display video alarms — getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

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