Fluidmesh to Connect Security System at Florence, Italy Airport

May 25, 2006
Boston-based Fluidmesh Networks brings wireless security network connections to Vespucci Airport
Milan, Italy - Vespucci Airport, in the beautiful city of Florence, recently decided to install a CCTV system taking advantage of the innovative Fluidmesh wireless technology, developed by Fluidmesh Networks, a Boston-based MIT spin-off.

Fluidmesh 2200 is a wireless product with innovative "intelligent" transmission capabilities that are not present in any traditional Wi-Fi or HiperLAN devices. Based on advanced mesh networking algorithms, Fluidmesh technology is able to optimize the transmission through the optimal path, performing "intelligent" routing of packets in real time. Fluidmesh 2200 is the first wireless mesh product specifically designed for video-surveillance applications and it stands apart from any competing wireless product thanks to several advanced capabilities related to video-streaming.

Fluidmesh 2200 strength is the advanced internal prioritization and optimization system, capable of detecting the type of packet transmitted (es. TCP, UDP, etc.) and the employed video-encoding standard (es. MPEG4 I-frame, MEPG4 P-frame, M-JPEG). The wireless transmission system automatically optimizes every packet transmission based on the packet type and characteristics.

"Mesh architecture is the solution to several problems faced by security system integrators when they work on wireless video-surveillance systems. Mesh devices are completely auto-configurable and are able to decide how to transmit packets based on the present conditions of the channels rather than based on predetermined configuration values - declares Torquato Bertani Fluidmesh Networks co-founder and CTO-. Fluidmesh guarantees reliability and flexibility that compared to traditional wireless or cable devices make Fluidmesh the preferred network architecture for high-end wireless video-surveillance systems, also in the airports."

"Fluidmesh 2200 is the right product for this location which can need a fast extension of the system. In fact the airport wants to add other three units: this modification won't create problems: we will use the same system and the autoconfiguration will help us, because it guarantees flexibility - adds Ciro De Bonis, marketing manager of WillB and Telematic Solutions, the companies which realised the installation - In an airport, where the security issue is the most important one, video-surveillance service must not have breaks: Fluidmesh network, with its double bandwith for the transmission, guarantees spatial and temporal cover everytime".

This technology is absolutely innovative: it allows to move the cameras depending on the airport needs creating dynamic wireless bridges. In case one camera is not working, the others would still be able to keep streaming video by changing the wireless links in use.

Moreover Fluidmesh architecture is the best one for a location as an airport is: airplanes taxing on the ground are often unpredictable and moveable sources of interference. During the design and the installation of the Fluidmesh based CCTV system in Florence, it wasn't required to identify every possible position where an airplane could be interfering in the video streaming quality. The Fluidmesh Network itself is able to find alternative paths in case some of the links are not available due to interference.

Fluidmesh-based CCTV system has an extremely low visual impact but it is clearly a step ahead of what it could be done with a standard Wi-Fi solution in terms of mobility, flexibility and reliability.

Fluidmesh products are currently sold only through selected CCTV distributors and system integrators who joined the Fluidmesh Channel Partners Network both in Europe and in the US. Fluidmesh Networks will present Fluidmesh technology to the European market at large in May 2006 at IFSEC, a major trade-show for the European security industry, and in the Fall 2006 in San Diego at ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits to the US market.

For additional info, visit www.fluidmesh.com.