Fluidmesh Technology Aids CCTV Install in Northern Ireland

Sept. 23, 2006
Portstewart’s installation uses company's wireless transmission system

Milan, Italy. August 2006. Some Fluidmesh units have been installed in the beautiful town of Portstewart, in Northern Ireland. The CCTV system covers this very busy seaside location and the Fluidmesh technology seemed to be the best alternative to keep tabs on it.

Fluidmesh 2200 is a wireless product with innovative “intelligent” transmission capabilities not present in any traditional Wi-Fi or HiperLAN devices. Based on advanced mesh networking algorithms, Fluidmesh technology is able to optimize the transmission through the optimal path, performing “intelligent” routing of packets in real time. Fluidmesh 2200 is the first wireless mesh product specifically designed for video-surveillance applications and it stands apart from any competing wireless device thanks to several advanced capabilities related to video-streaming.

Fluidmesh 2200 strength is the advanced internal prioritization and optimization system, capable of detecting the type of packet transmitted (es. TCP, UDP, etc.) and the employed video-encoding standard (es. MPEG4 I-frame, MEPG4 P-frame, M-JPEG). The wireless transmission system automatically optimizes every packet sending based on the packet type and characteristics.

“I think that the Fluidmesh system is the best one not only for this town but also for other locations in Northern Ireland, because of the absence of running costs. In fact the biggest costs in video-surveillance applications are those of the rental of the optical fiber lines. Fluidmesh Networks, with its wireless mesh technology, has limited costs. – Says Cormac Hopkins, the system integrators who installed the system – We looked at different systems but we found the Fluidmesh one the most suitable, because of its reliability and flexibility. We also like the approch of the company to support us in all the installation and test phases. I think that Fluidmesh staff is an excellent one: they have a great sales and technical departments”.

“The innovative networking algorithms developed by Fluidmesh Networks leads to great advantages in terms of flexibility and ease of installation. A new Fluidmesh unit can be easily added to the network with no need for changing the configuration of the rest of the system – says Torquato Bertani, Fluidmesh co-founder and CTO- The routing protocol detects the new node automatically without requiring any human intervention. These advantages make Fluidmesh 2200 the product of choice for mobile, temporary or nomadic video-surveillance and enable several innovative applications for video control. In this case the PSNI, the Police Service for Northern Ireland, can easily have a look on what happens in some parts of Portstewart”.

Fluidmesh technology was officialy presented to the European market at large in May 2006 at IFSEC, a major trade-show for the European security industry, and will be also showed in the Fall 2006 in San Diego at ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits to the US market.