Veracity Introduces Highwire Connect for Ethernet over Coax

Aug. 21, 2006
100 base T hardware that allows Ethernet signaling over coaxial cabling

Dallas, TX, August 1, 2006 - Veracity USA Inc. today announced the launching of HIGHWIRE CONNECT, available through select manufacturers representatives, distributors, and integrators.

HIGHWIRE CONNECT allows fully transparent 100 base T Ethernet signaling to be sent down standard RJ59 coaxial cable. HIGHWIRE CONNECT requires no IP addressing, no configuration, and is essentially a plug and play device.

"With the release of HIGHWIRE CONNECT, anyone who has been faced with the financial decision of retrofitting a building from coaxial cable to Ethernet cabling will be able to avoid that decision and instead focus on purchasing quality IP and megapixel cameras", said Scott Sereboff, Managing Director of Veracity USA Inc. "In addition, HIGHWIRE CONNECT will allow users to provide data to remote locations, such as an access control panel that is close to coaxial cable, or a guard station that is hundreds of feet from the nearest network connection and only has coaxial cable available."

Veracity USA Inc. has set the standard for this type of product. HIGHWIRE CONNECT supports coaxial cable of up to 1,000 feet in length with no loss of signal, is possessed of a small and unobtrusive form factor, and will also support multiple IP and multiple megapixel IP cameras over a single strand of cabling.

Learn more about HIGHWIRE CONNECT by visiting Veracity USA Inc. at