Tane Alarm Releases New Clear Pull-Apart Wiring Connectors

March 7, 2006
Banana-type connectors eliminate contact resistance

Clear pull-aparts have been added to Tane Alarm's line of white, grey and brown styles.

Part number PPD-11 (for push, pull and disconnect) uses a unique banana type male side to eliminate contact resistance and service calls. The added benefit makes it easy to connect and disconnect both sides of the pull-apart making with them come apart by end users easy when needed.

An added feature has two holes placed on both sides of the pull-apart to serve as either a tension relieve for the wires or as a mounting hole.  Dimensions for the TANE-PPD-11 connected is 1"L X .8"H X .25"W. For more information and free samples please go to www.tanealarm.com.