IFS Copperline Product Series Expands with New Four Channel Video Receiver

May 20, 2005
New VTPR4100 receiver with AGC virtually eliminates in-field adjustments for use with digital recorders
The IFS Copperline VTPR4100 receiver is ideal for smaller CCTV applications, allow for four channels of video.

GE Infrastructure, manufacturer of IFS fiber optic transmission equipment, has announced the introduction of the VTPR4100 Series of Four channel video receivers. Part of a new line of transmission products, this time not over fiber, but over Cat 5 or UTP Cable, the IFS Copperline Series are the first environmentally hardened UTP video transmission products that offer a performance level never offered by any manufacturer. The VTPR4100 line is an extension of that line.

The IFS Copperline VTPR4100 detects four independent UTP video signals in one module on four independent CAT5 twisted pair cables. The module is ideal for smaller CCTV installations and can be used to multiply video capacity of the IFS R3 rack to support up to 56 independent video channels. Up until now, the choice of video transmission has been limited to optical fiber, coaxial cable or UTP, with UTP having the lowest price, but traditionally not great video performance.

"Until IFS Copperline, most UTP transmission products had their signal attenuated at about a thousand feet using passive transmitters, making the picture unrecognizable," said Steve Rutkowski, IFS Copperline Product Manager. "GE Infrastructure found a way to match analog video signal impedance of the transmitter and receiver and effectively boost transmission distances up to a half mile," Rutkowski continued.

The IFS Copperline promises to deliver EIA/TIA RS250-C Medium Haul Video Performance at 1500 ft and beyond. The new system of active receivers and passive transmitters allow the IFS Copperline Receivers to be used with any manufacturers' passive transmitter, enabling that transmitter to extend distance with no compromise in video performance.

"As with other IFS Products, Copperline was designed for 'Plug and Play' installation," said Rutkowski.

The IFS Copperline Series Active Receiver has Automatic Gain Control (AGC). This feature allows the unit to compensate for any variation in video gain or frequency, ensuring a high quality video signal delivered from the Copperline receiver.

"We believe the new Copperline series will be used in systems where both optical fiber and UTP transmission will be utilized," said Rutkowski. "Therefore, the physical design of the Copperline Series will closely match the traditional IFS line of video audio and data transmission products. This will allow the end user to integrate both product lines into traditional IFS racks, allowing for ease of use and a cost-savings during installation."

As the with all IFS Products, the new Copperline is ruggedized to meet the requirements of NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and can operate in an ambient operating temperature range of –40 to +74 degrees C.

The VTPR4100 receiver features LED indicators for video presence and power that assist the installer and user in easily recognizing operating status without the need for special test equipment. In addition, these units are available in standalone or rack mount versions.

Like all of GE Security's IFS products, the IFS Copperline Series features true plug-and-play design that ensures easy installation without the need for any electrical or optical adjustments. And like all IFS products, it is backed by an exclusive Comprehensive Lifetime Product Warranty.