Pro-Vigil launches solar powered CCTV camera

Sept. 24, 2008
'Scarecrow' functions as stand-alone video surveillance unit

In its continuing fight against crime Pro-Vigil unleashed the Scarecrow, a solar-powered live video surveillance unit. The sun powers Scarecrow's true day/night, low lux cameras and wi-fi video feed so Pro-Vigil's trained security personnel can monitor property live. When an intruder enters the property the surveillance team hits strobe lights and sirens to run off the would-be criminal.

The Scarecrow functions as a stand-alone, self contained video surveillance unit. Its 13' mast provides the trained surveillance team with high visibility and its small footprint and light weight make it easy to place in elevated positions that criminals don't suspect. Its onboard strobe lights and sirens make it impossible for intruders to ignore. It requires no outside power for operation, making it an excellent solution for those seeking greener, more mobile options in video surveillance.

"Scarecrow gives my surveillance crew night vision," said Ben Molloy, Pro-Vigil's Chief of Security Training, "and it outlines intruder movement in bright green. We can see them and they have no idea we're watching until we hit them with the strobe lights and siren. You should see their faces when they realize they're caught. My surveillance crew has a real passion for catching thieves in action and the Scarecrow makes that even easier for them."

The Scarecrow can stand alone or work in tandem with Pro-Vigil's other video surveillance crime fighting unit, the Virtual Guard Station. The Scarecrow communicates directly with the larger Virtual Guard Station and extends the surveillance team's coverage at a reduced cost.

For more information on the Scarecrow, visit, email [email protected] or call Call (866) 616-1318.