Mango DSP and Aralia Systems collaborate on video solution

May 13, 2008
Solution provides customers with situation awareness information and stores video data

Mango DSP, a leading provider of intelligent video servers for the CCTV, video surveillance and homeland security defense markets, and Aralia Systems, an intelligent video surveillance software company, have signed a partnership agreement. The partnership will present the industry with a comprehensive intelligent video solution enabling encoding, decoding, detection, recognition, tracking, searching, and analyzing of incidents.

The Raven-M and Raven-X2 transform standard analog video surveillance cameras into proactive sentinels that deliver reliable high performance video streaming and content analysis. Aralia's software permits very large numbers of CCTV cameras, distributed over a large geographic area, to be monitored by a small team of operators. Surveillance video from analog and IP Cameras, encoded, decoded and processed by the raven servers is recorded into a distributed relational database incorporating real-time cataloging within video picture, automatic reporting of alarms and rapid SQL-based querying of the entire stored video data. The joint solution provides customers with relevant situation awareness information, virtually instantaneously and stores all video data in evidential quality.

"The Aralia team is eager to apply our advanced video analytic software solutions to the needs of the Homeland Security Defense markets" said Dr. Glynn Wright, CEO of Aralia Systems.

Rob Norrington, director of new business development at Aralia added, "The partnership with Mango provides us with a deeper breath of product offering, enabling Aralia to accommodate new verticals and end-to-end solutions. From a design/consulting phase through deployment, the Aralia/Mango team approach facilitates a much easier, rapid and efficient implementation."

"Video Intelligence is a comprehensive approach, from the camera and the server to the manner in which the video is stored. Together with Aralia we can bring video Intelligence to the entire network", said Baruch Peled, CEO of Mango DSP. "Mango DSP's intelligent video servers will allow Aralia to tailor its products to the needs of its many customers in the UK and the USA markets facilitating a cost-effective easy migration to IP surveillance networks."