Dallmeier presents innovative CCTV/IP solutions at IFSEC

May 23, 2008
Company unveils new video management center, cameras

As in previous years, Dallmeier’s stand at IFSEC 2008 again attracted an increased number of visitors. The German manufacturer presented a host of innovative products and customer-oriented solutions for professional CCTV/IP video security applications.

Dallmeier’s new Video Management Center VMC-1 'Eagle', with its ergonomic design and wide-ranging functionalities, was equally applauded by customers, journalists and industry experts. The VMC-1 'Eagle' is based on a completely new concept of video management. Its individual, high-value components such as joystick, jog-shuttle and keyboard as well as a 6" TFT monitor combine to form an ergonomically sophisticated and comprehensive video management system, which is characterised by highest user-friendliness and a classic, timeless design. In close cooperation with experienced users from the security industry, following practice-oriented product research, a top-class video management system was developed, which by far exceeds the standards of current, industrially manufactured keyboards.

Dallmeier also introduced visitors to yet another highlight, showcasing its innovative range of DesignCams. Customers increasingly demand more than just a technically flawless product; they also view cameras from an aesthetic point of view. Many of them consider it important that the cameras seamlessly integrate themselves into the overall design concept. They should blend in with the environment, not stand out like an afterthought. Currently, the DesignCams comprise 50 different housing design patterns; whereat the customer may order specific designs in order to meet his requirements.

A special Picodome demo wall turned out to be a real magnet for visitors of the Dallmeier stand. The public was invited to test for themselves the capabilities and functionality of the latest version of the Dallmeier Picodome - the world’s smallest camera with UWDR Cam_inPIX technology. Small and compact in design, yet equipped with enormous potential, the Picodome (DDF3000APV) proves that the best performing cameras in the world can look the best, too.

Additionally, the demo wall offered visitors the opportunity to try out the most convenient form of remote camera configuration. Using the UTC Remote Control Box, any Dallmeier Cam_inPIX camera can quickly and easily be configured remotely via UTC. The box can simply be inserted in the video cable at any point between the camera and the recorder. The camera can then be configured conveniently without great effort, for example from a control room.

At IFSEC 2008, Dallmeier also presented its comprehensive offer of IP security solutions for small, mid-size and large network applications. Apart from the high-resolution UWDR Cam_inPIX network cameras, the company also displayed the first, real IP-ready video recorder, the DMS 240 IPS, which was launched earlier this year. Furthermore, Dallmeier showcased its complete range of streamers, including the DIS-2/M StreamerPro, the DIS-2/M StreamerPro UTP and the DIS-2/M StreamerPro HDD Small models, which are designed for professional applications in video security networks.

For more information on the Dallmeier products and solutions, simply visit our website at www.dallmeier.com or go to www.caminpix.com.