IP-based video analytics to be used for China railway

May 20, 2008
NICE's technology to be used for high-speed rail line

NICE Systems announced Monday that it has received another follow-on order from the Ministry of Railway (MOR) in China, for NiceVision Net, the Company's end-to-end solution for video security with content analytics. The IP-based NICE solution was selected following successful implementation on the Qing Zang rail – the railroad connecting Lhasa in Tibet to Germu in Qinghai, and the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city passenger line— the country's first high-speed passenger rail service. NICE' business partner for the project is Smartron Technology (China).

The Hefei-Wuhan high-speed rail line, which is expected to launch in 2009, is part of a massive upgrade and expansion of China's railway system and is part of China's first high-speed train service. The Hefei-Wuhan rail line, which is part of the line which runs from the east coast of China to the heart of China's mid-west, will serve as a great contributor to the economic development of the Anhui Province of which Hefei is the capital.

The scalable IP-based video content analytics solution will be deployed to help protect the railway including its tracks and stations, to verify that there is no destruction and to prevent accidents. By providing real-time alerts to security personnel, the result will be enhanced passenger safety and better asset protection. NiceVision Net will provide MOR unprecedented reliability, with a high availability architecture that is supported by unique features, such as patent pending Zero Points of Failure encoder redundancy, ensuring non-stop surveillance under any condition for mission critical applications.

"Following the success and proven reliability in the two very important and complex projects that are already running, we are very happy to have been selected once again by China's Ministry of Rail for yet another important project," said Israel Livnat, president of the NICE Security Group. "Having been selected for this project reflects NICE's expertise in providing advanced solutions for enhancing the safety and security of mass transit systems all over the world."