Bosch Expands LCD Monitor Range with 19- and 20-inch Models

Dec. 4, 2007
Monitors designed for CCTV uses in PC and DVR applications, adapts to incoming video signal

Fairport, N.Y. – Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, has introduced two new color LCD display monitors, a 19-inch general purpose model and a 20-inch high-performance unit, to its growing portfolio of LCD monitors.

The 19-inch LCD, UML-190-90, is a high resolution video graphics array (VGA) color monitor designed for a variety of CCTV uses in both PC- and DVR-based applications. The monitor automatically adapts to the input resolution of the incoming video signal — up to 1.3 Megapixels — and boasts a high contrast ratio and brightness rating for excellent color accuracy, easier viewing and more accurate interpretation of images. The panel refreshes every five milliseconds, reducing image smearing and virtually eliminating image “ghosting” found in fast-motion video, to provide crisp, clear images.

The 20-inch UML-202-90 monitor adds a state of the art 20.1-inch color thin film transistor (TFT) active matrix LCD panel with 1600 by 1200 pixels for superior image quality. Dual looping composite video and audio inputs offer security professionals a variety of uses, while picture-in-picture functionality enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple areas. In addition, the UML-202-90 includes an analog VGA mode, a digital video interface and a high definition multimedia input to accommodate the increasing use of PCs and digital video devices in security applications.

Both monitors offer wide-range viewing angles to accommodate desktop or wall-mounted placement, as well as user-friendly, on-screen menus and front panel controls to help security officers more easily adjust display parameters to meet their specific needs.

The new LCD display monitors expand Bosch’s full performance line of cutting edge LCD monitor technology, from a 15-inch model to the 20-inch UML-202-90. The line offers a wide array of options as the security market transitions from conventional (CRT) monitors to higher performing products using LCD and plasma technology. This technology prevents the flickering which is prevalent in CRT monitors – allowing for longer use of the monitor with little to no eyestrain for security personnel.

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