Mango DSP releases 32-channel PCI blade encoder and decoder

April 3, 2008
Condo PCI Express enables video analytics, transcoding, other demanding video applications

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – February 28 2008 – Mango DSP, a leading provider of intelligent video solutions for the CCTV, video surveillance, and defense markets today announced the launch of the new Condor family of products starting with the Condor PCI-e. The Condor PCI-e blade, a single PCI slot solution capable of high density encoding or decoding, video streams up to 32 channels using H.264, MPEG-4 or MJPEG video compression.  With its advanced capabilities the Condor is a  powerful processing board that enables video analytics, transcoding and other demanding applications.

"Mango DSP's Condor is ideal for OEM partnerships as it provides a cost effective, highly flexible centralization solution." said Baruch Peled, CEO of Mango DSP. "It is an important addition to Mango DSP's product suite and part of our unique multi-analytic approach to threat prevention, whatever the threat."

The Condor transforms any industrial PC station into a centralized intelligent video surveillance system. It is capable of receiving an analog video signal, encoding and streaming it, either through the PCI bus or through the onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports. Video Analytics can be employed on IP video from 3rd party encoders and IP cameras. The Condor technology also enables cross channel data manipulation and the addition of multiple boards increasing the number of input channels processed on a single PC.  The Mango X software allows seamless integration of any algorithms including video analytics to the Condor. The Condor can be used as a secondary processing unit through its Ethernet ports or as a pre-processing blade for the host PC through the PCI bus.

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